Heart-Lung Machine Demonstration

Heart-Lung Machine Demonstration will be held at the at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences on Thursday, March 13 2014 from 06:00PM to 08:00PM.

The Mended Hearts, Inc. support group is pleased to welcome at its monthly support group Joseph Wilson, MD, Board Certified Thoracic Surgeon, who will provide information on and a demonstration of the Heart-Lung Machine.

Heart-Lung Machine
A device used in open heart surgery to support the body during the surgical procedure while the heart is stopped. The heart-lung machine is often referred to as the "pump", and does the work of the heart and lungs during the operation. The heart-lung machine consists of a chamber that receives the blood from the body, which is normally the responsibility of the heart’s right atrium. This blood is then pumped by the machine through an oxygenator, a function normally the responsibility of the right ventricle. The oxygenator removes the CO2 and adds oxygen, which is normally the work of the lungs. The pump then pumps this newly oxygenated blood back to the body, which is normally the work of the left heart. The heart-lung machine is connected to the patient by a series of tubes that the surgical team places. At the end of the operation, the surgeon gradually allows the patient’s heart to resume its normal function, and the heart-lung machine is "weaned off".

The Mended Hearts Inc. support group meets on the second Thursday of each month (October through June) at 6 to 8 p.m. in the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower. Reservations are not required.


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