Internal Medicine Residency Core Rotations for Residents

All residents will have rotations in the intensive and coronary care unit, emergency medicine, urgent care, general medical wards at Eisenhower Medical Center and a planned medical ward rotation at a large, inner city County Hospital. In addition, learners will have a specific inpatient rotation focused on Perioperative Consultation, with pre and post-op continuity of care.

  • A Geriatric Medicine specific curriculum will focus on acquiring competencies related to the inpatient, ambulatory and nursing home settings with related didactic sessions.
  • Continuity of care will be based in a model Internal Medicine ambulatory care unit on Campus. During the subspecialty electives there will be ambulatory-based experiences in cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, pulmonary, rheumatology and any of the other elective specialty rotations. In addition, sufficient opportunity is available for residents to elect rotations in a variety of other disciplines including women’s health, complementary and alternative medicine, sports medicine, dermatology, radiology, pathology, and HIV medicine.
  • All residents are afforded the opportunity to use any of their elective time to participate in research or other scholarly activities. Residents will always be in an environment that allows access and consultation in all areas of general and subspecialty care. Residents will work on teams that have physicians, students, pharmacists, social workers, and case managers. Except for consultative services, residents will have primary responsibility with the attending physician for all direct aspects of medical care for the patients. There will always be 24/7 supervision by an inpatient Internist on site in the hospital.
  • In total, residents will spend no less that 33% of their residency in ambulatory care settings, have one day off each week averaged over 4 weeks, have limitations on work hours and patient volume that complies with ACGME regulations, and be given time to attend the curricular educational offerings. Individual scholarship with appropriate mentoring will be strongly encouraged.

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