Eisenhower BIGHORN Radiation Oncology

The Eisenhower BIGHORN Radiation Oncology Center offers some of the most advanced equipment and treatment techniques available. The Center provides a wide range of therapeutic options designed to meet your individual needs. Undergoing any type of cancer treatment can be frightening and confusing. That's why our caring staff takes time to explain what's happening, answer questions and provide information every step of the way. We're here to make a difficult situation not just bearable, but better.

What is Radiation Oncology?

Radiation Therapy
BIGHORN Radiation Oncology Center - Where the art and science of medicine meet.

Radiation Oncology is a subspecialty of radiology, devoted to the treatment of both benign and malignant conditions. Radiation has been used to treat cancer since the early 1900s. Therapeutic techniques have advanced continuously over the years, including the development of higher energy X-ray equipment, and treatments that minimize exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and skin.

Various forms of high-energy radiation are applied in a wide variety of clinical situations. Like surgery, radiation therapy is localized or focused on a specific target within the body. Localization of the target requires the tremendous technological advances in diagnostic imaging to allow delivery of radiation treatment with pinpoint accuracy. New methods are available for the placement of radioactive isotopes directly into areas of cancer involvement by robotic control - all of these state-of-the-art options are available at Eisenhower BIGHORN Radiation Oncology located in the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center.

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