Treatment Planning

Treatment planning starts with you.

If your physician decides that radiation therapy is appropriate for you, the first step is to develop a plan for your individual treatment. Our radiation oncologists, medical physicists and dosimetrists are all board certified and work as a team to determine the best possible treatment for your condition. An individual treatment plan is developed to deliver therapy as effectively as possible, while maintaining the well-being of the surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

External Beam Therapy (EBT)

External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBT) uses our state-of-the-art linear accelerators to deliver radiation to a precise location within the body. A series of three-dimensional radiation beams are tailored to the size, shape and location of the tumor or cancer cells to stop their growth and reproduction while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue. EBT is effective for treating a variety of different types of cancers and is often used in cooperation with other forms of treatment such as surgery and chemotherapy.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is one of most significant innovations in cancer treatment in the past three decades. IMRT uses sophisticated computer technology to create extremely precise and accurate treatment plans. The variable beam intensity, which is the hallmark of the IMRT technique, allows the radiation beams to be shaped in ways previously thought impossible. Due to its advanced accuracy, radiation is often delivered at higher doses without increased side effects. This allows us to treat tumors that, even a few years ago, would have been considered untreatable due to their size or proximity to vital, healthy organs.

Sterotactic Radiosurgery

Stereotactic Radiosurgery does not actually involve surgery. It is a noninvasive method of delivering a precise dose of intense radiation to a tumor that is most often located in the brain. Stereotactic radiosurgery offers an important alternative for many brain tumors, both benign and malignant, which have traditionally been treated through complicated invasive surgical procedures. Stereotactic treatment uses beams of radiation conformed to the three-dimensional shape of the tumor without damaging the nearby normal tissue. This treatment technique can reach virtually any area within the brain, including those that cannot be accessed with conventional surgery.

Seed Implants / Brachytherapy

Seed Implants are a new form of HDR Brachytherapy primarily used to treat prostate cancer. Radioactive "seeds," stranded on a synthetic filament, are implanted in the prostate gland. The seeds emit a low level of radiation that effectively destroys cancer cells while maintaining surrounding healthy tissues. When prostate cancer is detected early and is still confined to the prostate gland, this treatment option can be extremely effective.

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