Regular physical activity has a positive effect on both our physical and psychological well being. It can reduce body fat, increase bone strength and improve our muscle strength and endurance. Exercise can also help reduce anxiety and improve one's mood. Participation in a regular exercise program can help your body fight against heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes not to mention weight control.

Making a commitment to healthy living and wellness can also be fun. The recommended exercise routine is only a few minutes a day (20-30), three times a week. Pick your favorite activity - walking, biking, hiking, jogging - and make time to enjoy them. Ask a friend or family member to join you or simply take your furry friend out for that much needed walk or jog.

Eisenhower Medical Center offers a variety of classes through its Healthy Living Resource Center including Arthritis Exercise Class, Strength training, Core Strength training, Tai Chi/Balance and Yoga/Stretching.

Call the Eisenhower Healthy Living Resource Center at 760-568-1234 or go to emc.org/calendar for more information.

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