Nutrition and Orthopedics

Excess body weight can increase stress on the skeletal system leading to greater wear and tear on joints as well as increase pain.

Achieving a health weight can have the following benefits for orthopedic patients:

  • Improve and speed recovery from surgery
  • Decrease risk of infection and blood clots
  • Prevent future orthopedic problems

Did you know? For every 10 pounds of weight loss, fifty pounds of force is relieved from the knees!

Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Eat smaller portions.
    • Use a smaller plate, bowl or glass.
    • Stop eating when you are satisfied
  2. Eat fewer empty calories (sugar, fat) - choose food and drink with little or no added sugar and/or solid fat.
  3. Focus on food you need
    • Eat a nutrient dense breakfast every day.
    • Have healthy snacks available on the go.
    • Replace high calorie foods with low calorie fruits and vegetables
  4. When eating out, make better choices
    • Check posted calorie amounts and chose lower calorie items.
    • Think about what you drink. Chose drinks with no added sugars
  5. Cook more often at home
  6. Increase physical activity
  7. Decrease screen time (computer, mobile devices, TV)

Important Nutrients to Consider for Optimal Bone Health:

  1. Vitamin C
    • Helps to form collage-an important protein needed for strength and flexibility; repairs ligaments and strengthens bones.
    • The needed amount is increased in times of stress (such as injury or surgery)
      Sources: bright colored vegetables and fruits
  2. Vitamin A
    • Needed for cell growth and development, & to help the immune system
  3. Zinc
    Important for:
    • Immune Function
    • Making Protein
    • Making DNA
    • Wound Healing
    • Cell Division

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