• Day Of Caring

    Kathryn Joosten
    Kathryn Joosten
    On Friday, February 5, 2010, from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center will host Day of Caring. . . about Women and Cancer. This annual event provides information on the latest cancer prevention, detection and treatment options for women. This year’s event will focus on the role of screenings in the early detection and treatment of cancer.

    The day will include two very special guest speakers. Lung cancer survivor Kathryn Joosten will present the Cindy DeLucca Memorial Lecture. The Emmy® Awardwinning Joosten is best known for her roles as Mrs. McClusky, the crotchety neighbor on “Desperate Housewives,” and as Mrs. Landingham, the secretary to the President on the Award-winning drama “The West Wing.” Kathryn will share her story of hardearned success and chart her life’s many twists and turns with her characteristic humor.

    In keeping with the theme of this year’s event, the lunch speaker will be Eisenhower Radiologist Adam Brochert, MD. Dr. Brochert will provide an update on the role of screenings in cancer prevention and early detection, including information on the latest guidelines.

    Like last year’s, this year’s Day of Caring is made possible, in part, by generous proceeds from the Cindy DeLucca Memorial Golf Tournament. Cindy was a patient at Eisenhower, and her husband Mike DeLucca and their children created the tournament as a loving tribute to Cindy.

    Tickets are $35 and reservations are required. Attendance scholarships are available. For more information, call 760-834-3798 or visit emc.org.

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