• Buddy Up

    The Benefits Of An Exercise Partner

    It is a proven fact: those who exercise together, exercise better. According to a 2001 report in the Journal of Stress Management, participants who exercised with another person were calmer. The report also found that exercising with a buddy fosters a natural competition and increases the rigor of a workout.

    Power in Numbers
    Going it alone every day can wear on even the most dedicated exerciser. An exercise partner can help hold you accountable, provide motivation and encouragement, give you a needed nudge, and even keep you safer.

    What to Look For
    It helps if you and your exercise partner are at a similar fitness level. If you team up with someone who is below your fitness level, you may not be challenged. On the other hand, if your exercise partner is more fit than you, it could lead to injury. Be sure you are both on par.

    Also, it helps if you like the same kinds of activities. If you prefer only gym workouts and your partner is all about outdoor activities, it may not be a good match. Similar goals are also a must. If you are happy with your daily jog but your partner wants to train for a five kilometer run, your daily goals will not match.

    Where to Look
    Try your local gym or YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) for classes or referrals.Many malls have morning walking programs before the mall opens. Local parks may offer an option as well. Or, your significant other may make a great exercise partner.

    Online Web sites, such as FindAnExercisePartner.com, can help you find a partner based on your skill level, location, goals and activity interests. As always, exercise caution with any referral. Meet your workout partner in a public place, and workout with them during daylight hours and in public places.

    Don’t Forget Fido
    If your current exercise partner isn’t available, your dog can make a great exercise buddy and benefits from the workout the same way you do. Just remember to use a leash, run on soft grown grass or dirt paths (you have good tennis shoes…your dog doesn’t), and if it’s a long run, make sure to bring along plenty of water for both of you.

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