• 5 THINGS you can do right now as part of your wellness routine

    Walk a pet — your own or a neighbor’s. Interaction with pets can lower blood pressure, boost immunity and uplift the spirit. It may even expand your social life…

    assets/news/story/CFHLImages/200703/wb-eatright.jpg Eat right. Make changes one at a time, such as switching to a low-fat or fat-free variety of your favorite waistline buster. For instance, instead of half-and-half in your coffee, use fat-free halfand- half. Remember: everything in moderation, even the speed of improving your diet!

    assets/news/story/CFHLImages/200703/wb-hear.jpg Get your annual hearing check-up. See a physician immediately if you injure your ears, have ear pain or notice changes in your hearing.

    assets/news/story/CFHLImages/200703/wb-forgive.jpg Forgive one person, and yourself. Letting go of resentments gives you peace of mind, and peace with others.

    Garden—enjoy the colors of spring while getting some exercise. You don’t have to overdo it; even a small garden is good to get you moving.

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