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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars July 2012

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.



    SITUATION/TASK:  Janine found a pt and his wife attempting to walk to the ED from a far away parking spot in the heat. Janine was walking to her car after her shift ended, but stayed on her own to help this situation.

    ACTION:  Janine instructed the pt and his wife to stand still and lean against the concrete wall for stability while she alerted me as lobby manager in the ED. We then got a wheelchair and both of us went to get the pt and his wife.

    RESULT:  The pt and his wife both arrived to the ED safely. Both the pt and his wife were completely unstable on their feet. Through Janine’s kindness, courtesy and professionalism she got both the pt and his wife to ED safely.



    SITUATION/TASK:  On Mother’s Day weekend my 22 year old daughter called me at work with abdominal pain. I advised her to go to the doctor at Argyros in La Quinta. When she entered the lobby the staff recognized the emergency situation and brought her straight back to be seen. Denise Lewis was her RN. She quickly and efficiently assessed her, started an IV and the medical staff determined she needed to be taken to the ED at Eisenhower. Denise even went one step further and personally called me to tell me what was happening and when to expect the ambulance in our ED. The clinic staff had the expertise to quickly evaluate and triage the situation. It was priceless. No one has time to make personal phone calls, but Denise found the time to call me and explain what was happening so I knew what I needed to do. Upon arrival to ED, the nurses and physicians quickly assessed her pain and medication was ordered and given to alleviate it. A CT scan was ordered to determine the cause of the abdominal pain. My daughter had blood in her abdomen. The ED physician quickly ordered an ultrasound to determine the cause and consulted Dr. Brossfield. They decided to operate to stop and remove the blood.

    ACTION:  My daughter entered the clinic and was seen and cared for promptly and efficiently. Denise went above and beyond by calling me personally to let me know what was happening and when to expect the ambulance to arrive at EMC. Upon arrival at the ED, the staff assessed her and provided safe and efficient care while trying to determine the cause of the pain. She had an emergency procedure to remove the blood in her abdomen and stop the bleeding.

    RESULT:  To put it simply, I believe the staff saved my daughter’s life, especially the staff at Argyros. From the beginning, Denise quickly got her seen and the staff at Argyros sent her to the ED. The ED nurses and physicians and the transporter acted like experts in their field. Not once did I feel worried that they would not help her and fix what was wrong. Their confidence and expertise kept my whole family calm. My daughter was in the OR within less than 3 hours of arriving at the ED. All of the staff involved deserve a big THANK YOU for providing such excellent care. This is truly “Health Care as it should be.”



    SITUATION/TASK:  We had a patient that was abandoned by his family. He had no home, no transportation and no clothes.

    ACTION:  Jodie saw this patient washing his shirt in our sink. The next day she brought him five outfits and pajamas. She also made him feel at home by ordering food for him to eat with us.

    RESULT:  A patient was taken care of out of the goodness of Jodie’s big heart. The patient was very grateful.


    AWARDED TO:  Sandra Perez, Leticia Resendiz Castillo, Frances Tessandore, and Kris Langlois
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Scott McCabe

    SITUATION/TASK:  Sandra saw that we were mailing radiology reports to physician offices. From her experience at EMC, she knew that we also had couriers running to these offices. 

    ACTION:  Sandra suggested that we change our procedure in radiology to get these reports sent by courier to save on postage. Frances, Kris and Leticia worked together to come up with a new method for organizing the reports and distributing them.

    RESULT:  We now send the majority of reports via courier. In addition, the envelopes are not sealed, so they can be picked up by the courier and returned to radiology to be reused. This will save the radiology department about $6,000/year in postage and envelope costs. Many thanks to this small team for making the effort to save costs.


    RECOGNIZED BY: Patient’s Wife

    SITUATION/TASK:  My husband was hospitalized with a severe bacterial infection, causing a condition of constant diarrhea. He was in a state of humiliation, embarrassment and discomfort.

    ACTION: Rick & Teresa put him at ease, making every effort to comfort him. Rick & Teresa displayed competence and a sincere interest in the welfare and care for him. Rick & Teresa are very professional. Rick also has a keen sense of humor, lifting the spirits of the patient.

    RESULT:  The patient was apprehensive of his hospital stay. Rick & Teresa put him at ease and made every effort to make him comfortable. They made my husband’s stay at the hospital very pleasant. You have a gem in Rick and a treasure in the lovely Teresa.

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