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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars October 2012

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Javier Renteria

    SITUATION/TASK:  On 10/18/12 at about 11:30 AM Officer Javier Renteria was on duty in the Emergency Department. Officer Renteria observed a man walk into the Emergency Department's lobby with a live 3 foot long Diamond Back Rattle Snake that had just bitten him. At the time of this incident, the Emergency Department Lobby had approximately 30 people waiting in the Triage area and main waiting area. These patients/visitors ranged in age from small children to elderly patients.

    ACTION:  Officer Renteria intercepted the patient with the snake, determined the snake was alive and escorted the man outside where the man placed the snake in a plastic bag for safe keeping. Officer Renteria then got the patient immediate help from the front lobby clinical staff. This was all done within a minute.

    RESULT:   Officer Renteria's quick and quiet actions helped avoid a possible panic situation. He acted quickly enough that patients and visitors did not see the snake. Having a live rattle snake seen or worse yet get loose in the Emergency Department's waiting area could have been disastrous.


    AWARDED TO:   Estela Lerena
    RECOGNIZED BY: Patient

    SITUATION/TASK:  I am a gluten-free patient with celiac disease. This special diet requirement was not communicated to dietary upon admission. Rather than being offered a gluten free diet, I had to work around the available entrees on the regular hospital menu. Not until a visit from the dietitian after 6 days was this discovered.

    ACTION:  Estela acted immediately upon admission to help me make the best choices from the menu, and keep me safe. In addition, she has made me an improvised soup every lunch and dinner containing all gluten-free ingredients. I feel this is well above the standard of excellence here at EMC which I appreciate from everyone.

    RESULT:  I was able to eat safely during my inpatient stay thanks to Estela’s extra efforts. She paid vigilant attention to every food item and by doing so she made me feel especially welcome. Estela’s tender loving care is to be celebrated.


    AWARDED TO: Carol Marietta
    RECOGNIZED BY: Patient

    Letter from Patient: As a very recent patient in the hospital I had the opportunity to be under the care of Carol Marietta. I developed a severe septic infection from e-coli and went into septic shock with severe shaking and hyperventilating. Carol was right there and immediately had me moved to ICU. She contacted my wife without alarming her and told her to come to the hospital. Carol stayed with me, holding my hand at times, telling me everything was going to be all right. She spent 3-4 hours standing by with me. In my heart I thought I was going to die. She just kept telling me to try to relax, that the new medicine was going to work. Carol actually diagnosed my problem before we received the blood test result. She said it looked like e-coli. The blood test showed she was right. The stronger medicine was the right call. I spent four days in the hospital, leaving with a pick-line in place for IV meds at home, but without Carol, I might not be writing this now. Bless you Carol, you’re the greatest.


    AWARDED TO:  Elizabeth Higgins
    RECOGNIZED BY: Patient

    SITUATION/TASK:  As the only volunteer at surgery waiting it soon became apparent that Elizabeth’s tasks were unending. She maintained a calm, pleasant demeanor and addressed all requests by visitors.

    ACTION: She reassured family of waiting times and personally checked with PACU staff to verify patient wellness. Even when she was taken away from her (cold now) lunch. She continued to smile and be helpful.

    RESULT:   She is a real asset and underappreciated. Please convey these sentiments to Elizabeth. We all do well to hear good words. Thank you.


    AWARDED TO:  Janet Murcia, Ellen Mowbray, Denise Leon, MD James Gaede, and MD David Neumann.
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Carl Enzor and Reiner Jakel

    SITUATION/TASK:  It’s the end of a hot summer’s day at Eisenhower Health Center at Rimrock and the staff is beginning to trickle out to go home when one of our staff members comes back in the clinic. She relays that there is a lady in her car in the parking lot who appears distressed. Indeed, there is an automobile parked irregularly with a woman in the front seat, bent over, and sitting with her feet on the ground and pale from a distance. She was in overt distress.
    ACTION:  We identified ourselves and asked her if she was feeling alright and she said “No, I am having chest pain.” We asked a few more questions and she had had a cardiac history with a bypass surgery in the past, we asked if it would be alright as medical people, to help her. She agreed so we went to work. Janet went in to pass word along to others what was happening, and to ask Ellen to bring us an aspirin, some nitro and others. Denise heard this dialogue and began to call 911, Ellen rooted through our pharmacy cabinet for the medications. Dr. Neumann came out to watch over the patient, and Janet brought out the oxygen. Others brought out a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope and an oximeter. In short order, the ‘our parking lot clinic’ had started OR, given medications safe to administer under the circumstances, had developed a history and understanding of what we were observing, had vital signs, oximetry and a brief exam and our patient began to have some relief of her chest pain, her pallor began to abate, her nausea resolved and her breathing improved. She had a second dosage of nitro with stable vital signs before the ambulance arrived. A check out was given to the EMT’s along with appropriate history and clinical findings including vital signs, and they assumed care of the patient.

     RESULT:  Sequentially, we all departed our new found patient, returned our equipment, and each of us them went on with our day. There was seamless delivery of an emergent service to a patient in need, with quit resolution, no full, no significant dialogue, just delivery of care. It was just another typical day at Eisenhower’s Rimrock Clinic.

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