• Serving the Community Mary Bono Praises Eisenhower’s Designation

    Congresswoman Mary Bono
    Congresswoman Mary Bono
    A member of the prestigious Congressional Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health, Congresswoman Mary Bono (45th district) has long been a passionate advocate of quality health care.

    “My father is a retired surgeon. Health care and medicine have always been near and dear to him and he’s managed to pass that love onto his family,” Congresswoman Bono recently told Healthy Living.

    When the congresswoman learned that one of her constituent hospitals – Eisenhower Medical Center – had been named among the 100 Top Hospitals® by Solucient®, the national market leader in business health care intelligence and information, she was not surprised.

    “Since its inception, Eisenhower Medical Center has provided quality, compassionate care to area residents and visitors,” Congresswoman Bono said. “The tremendous staff and volunteers work tirelessly to improve our community’s quality of life.”

    On February 28, Eisenhower received the distinction of being one of the 100 Top Hospitals®,among a group of 6,000 hospitals nationally reviewed by Solucient.The recognition acknowledges hospitals that have achieved excellence in quality health care, operational efficiency, financial performance and adaptation to the environment. Only six California hospitals made the ranking.

    “This designation is huge,absolutely huge,” exclaimed Congresswoman Bono. “It speaks volumes of Eisenhower’s commitment to the community and to providing quality health care.”

    As a major proponent of health care reform and health care consumer advocate, Congresswoman Bono has proven her own commitment to the community. In 2000, she voted for prescription drug coverage under Medicare (HR 4680), and in 2003, she helped pass bills that would permit importation of FDA-approved prescription drugs (HR 2427) and the creation of association health plans through which small companies could group together to buy insurance for their employees. She’s also rallied support for continued funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

    “Health care is a growing national concern, bordering on a national crisis,” the congresswoman said.“The health care issues we’re facing in government today are issues that will sooner or later affect us all.”

    Escalating health care costs, the rising cost of health insurance and Medicare funding are some of the big issues facing lawmakers today. Medicare is viewed by some as unsustainable under the present structure, and changing demographics in the workplace are leading others to believe that the current employer-based system of insurance cannot last.

    According to Congresswoman Bono, now more than ever health care providers are being challenged to find creative solutions for providing quality care, something she says Eisenhower does very well. “Eisenhower really knows how to think outside the box,” she said of the hospital’s success in delivering quality services while maintaining operational efficiency and financial performance – substantial measures of the Solucient 100 Top Hospital designation. “What this means is that there are some very bright, very forward thinkers at Eisenhower Medical Center.”

    “Beyond the dollars and cents of it all, it’s the quality of service that Eisenhower is providing our community that really makes the difference. We should all be extremely proud of this distinction. It is a great pleasure to congratulate such a deserving medical facility as Eisenhower Medical Center for this prestigious honor.”

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