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    Robert W. Murphy, MD (right), clad in his specially designed
    Robert W. Murphy, MD (right), clad in his specially designed "space suit" that decreases the risk of infection during surgery. Assisting is Orthopedic Tech Scott Archuleta.
    Eisenhower Medical Center has a long-standing reputation for excellent patient care across the broad spectrum of medical disciplines – the quality of care that is the hallmark of a 100 Top Hospital®. At the core of its commitment to the community has been a focus on Centers of Excellence in three major areas of medicine: Cardiovascular, Oncology, and Orthopedics.

    This October, Eisenhower enhances its Orthopedics Center of Excellence with the new Eisenhower Joint Replacement Center.The new Center provides seamless care for joint replacement candidates and their families,from consultation to surgery,with integrated post-operative care and rehabilitation. Patients receive top-notch care, from some of the most skilled surgeons,using the most advanced technologies.Each step in the process pays careful attention to the patient’s entire experience.

    “The volume of joint replacements that we are already doing here,at Eisenhower Medical Center, is about 800 a year,” says Robert Murphy,MD, an Eisenhower Orthopedic Surgeon,and one of the driving forces behind the Eisenhower Joint Replacement Center.Over the next 10 years, because of increased longevity, improved general health in our society, and baby boomers becoming seniors, that number is expected to double. “In order for us to meet the future demands at Eisenhower Medical Center,we need to improve our program, to be more comprehensive, more efficient,and more cost effective.”

    “The new Eisenhower Joint Replacement Center specializes in the highest levels of patient care," explains Louise White,Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer at Eisenhower Medical Center. “This means the most comprehensive patient education, the highest standards of pre- and post-operative protocols, as well as dedicated nursing professionals and operating room surgical teams. The program utilizes the newest state-of-theart equipment and surgical techniques, anesthesia and postoperative pain control protocols, and the most effective post-surgery therapy.” “The net effect,”adds G.Aubrey Serfling, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eisenhower Medical Center,“will be to provide top quality care, yielding the very best experience for the patient, with the shortest recovery time possible, and the best patient outcomes.”

    Over the next 10 years, because of increased longevity, improved general health in our society, and baby boomers becoming seniors, the number of joint replacements is expected to double.

    Most joint replacements result from a wearing of the joints, known as degenerative arthritis, although other diseases, injury and aging also degenerate joints. The joint degeneration causes significant pain and immobility. Many people restrict their activities – from work, to sports, to hobbies – and even their daily lifestyles – from sitting, to cleaning,to shopping – due to chronic and acute joint pain or immobility.

    “Total joint replacement is a corrective measure,” explains Adrian Graff-Radford,MD Eisenhower Orthopedic Surgeon, “and typically used after other treatments, such as physical therapy and medications, have failed.” Although the average joint replacement patient is approximately 71 years of age, joint replacements are no longer an “old” person’s disease. Younger patients are getting the procedures done earlier…before the degeneration becomes debilitating.

    Joint replacements change people’s lives.The benefits are apparent almost immediately,notably within the first three months. Key benefits include: relief of pain, improvement in physical function, increased range of motion or mobility, increased social interaction, and improved overall health.The direct result – a more active,pain-free,independent lifestyle.

    Patient education will be a hallmark of the Eisenhower Joint Replacement Center, from diagnosis to post-operative care. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, and clinical coordinators will, for example, offer pre-operative classes for patients, their coach and/or family. Patients will be given a comprehensive notebook of frequently asked questions, addressing everything from:“When can I shower?” to “How long am I going to be on Coumadin®?”

    Eisenhower Medical Center already offers a full range of orthopedic surgeries including complete hip and knee joint replacements.“We have developed a very sophisticated joint replacement program here at Eisenhower that is rated as one of the best in the country,” explains Dr. Murphy. “This new center will be a natural progression of what we’ve been doing.”

    “The net effect will be to provide top quality care, yielding the very best experience for the patient, with the shortest recovery time possible, and the best patient outcomes.” G. Aubrey Serfling President and Chief Executive Officer Eisenhower Medical Center

    The Center will offer a full range of comprehensive orthopedic services provided by a staff of highly trained and diverse professionals who will be “dedicated” to the Center program.Among them,the trio of Drs. Murphy, Graff-Radford and Sinha, who have long been on the cutting edge of orthopedic medicine.These physicians, among others, are involved in the development and testing of the newest implants and advanced technologies for orthopedic surgeries. In the forefront of computer-assisted surgery (please see Innovative Orthopedics – Joint Replacement Surgery Goes High Tech at Eisenhower, page 24), Eisenhower Joint Replacement Center will pioneer new breakthroughs in everything from cartilage transplantation to orthobiologics – the fusion of living tissue with the science and technology of orthopedics. Orthobiologics uses tissues, muscles and cartilages, cellular matrices, synthetic and organic substances, to actually stimulate growth,accelerate the healing of bones, or re-grow muscular-skeletal structures.

    “Although there are very few of these centers around the country right now, you can imagine we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here,” says Raj Sinha,MD,PhD.Eisenhower Orthopedic Surgeon.The Eisenhower Joint Replacement Center is being modeled, in part, on other such Joint Replacement Centers around the country, but will be the first one of it’s kind in the Coachella Valley. “This will be an incredible medical resource for our community,” notes Dr. Sinha, “as well as for the region,and hopefully it will become a model for other hospitals to initiate this type of program.We’re really excited that Eisenhower has the opportunity to be one of the pioneers.” For more information on the Eisenhower Joint Replacement Center, call 760-773-4545

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