• Imaging Center At The Forefront With New Technology

    Eisenhower Imaging Center recently installed two new advanced diagnostic tools—the Open Bore 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance imagining (MRI) system and the SOMATOM Sensation 64-Slice CT Scanner, both produced by Siemens, the world’s largest medical equipment manufacturer. The Center’s collection of Siemens imaging technology in one location has earned it the distinction of being a “show site” for the company, keeping the Center on the leading edge of the most advanced technology and a model for imaging facilities worldwide. MAGNETOM Espree Open Bore MRI

    The MAGNETOM Espree Open Bore, 1.5 Tesla MRI is designed with patient comfort in mind. Its bore opening is nearly 2.3 feet in diameter and offers almost one foot of free space between a patient’s head and the magnet. The magnet allows more than 60 percent of exams to be completed with the patient’s head outside the bore.

    “The goal of Eisenhower Imaging Center is to provide gold-standard care for even the most routine screenings,” says Brian Herman, MD, Board Certified NeuroInterventional Radiologist and Medical Director, Eisenhower Imaging Center. “In addition, we want to make sure our patients are comfortable and experience the least amount of anxiety during exams as possible.With this new technology, patients will no longer be nose-tonose with the magnet. They’ll have more headroom, and more room around their legs and elbows. This system is perfect for patients who are claustrophobic, bariatric patients or larger and taller patients, and patients who might become scared or agitated.”

    The scanner’s short-bore design allows patients undergoing lower spine, abdomen or knee exams to have their heads entirely free of the equipment. Additionally, the scanner is equipped to perform breast MRI, now recommended by the American Cancer Society® for women who are at high-risk for breast cancer. The scanner will also provide the capability to perform MRI guided breast biopsies when necessary.

    In addition, the Espree performs advanced clinical applications in less time, combining strong gradient performance with Siemens’ Total Imaging Matrix (Tim™) technology. Tim is the first whole body surface coil design that enables the highest resolution images in a shorter acquisition time. SOMATON Sensation 64-slice CT

    In July 2007, Eisenhower Imaging Center installed one of the most advanced medical imaging devices in the industry, the Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 64- slice CT (computed tomography) Scanner. The scanner enables dramatically improved detail, and the ultra-fast scan times permit more precise imaging, or “real-time” imaging of the anatomy as it moves, such as a beating heart.

    “In addition to performing all general and 3D imaging, the 64-slice CT will produce the highest quality, non-invasive coronary CT angiography available with results comparable to conventional cardiac catheterization,” explains Dr. Herman.

    The cutting-edge technology also allows for significantly shorter exam times benefiting patients who are too ill to undergo a longer examination. Sixty-four slice CT scans help identify tumors and cysts, as well as other diseases of the liver, lungs, coronary arteries and other internal organs.

    This new technology, combined with the largest, most diverse group of board certified radiologists in the Coachella valley, demonstrates Eisenhower Imaging Center’s commitment to providing the highest quality diagnostic imaging services available.

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