• Eisenhower Smilow Heart Center Utilizes Mobile Training Unit

    Virtual surgical implant labs — cutting-edge technology that simulates diagnostic and treatment challenges using virtual patients and virtual fluoroscopy (a technique for obtaining X-ray images) — offer the realities of an actual case but without the risk.

    On March 30 and 31, Eisenhower Smilow Heart Center partnering with Medtronic, Inc., utilized these virtual labs, training its physicians and staff on board an 80 foot-long educational truck parked at Eisenhower. Eisenhower also opened the virtual surgical lab to the community, giving people a “front row seat” in a cardiac electrophysiology lab. With an emphasis on the newest heart device therapies, two lab simulators offered realistic procedure training programs replicating device implant cases in the areas of cardiac resynchronization therapy, heart rhythm disorders and other cardiology procedures.

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