• Zumba Gold

    Activity For All Ages

    What is Zumba?
    Zumba was created when Colombian celebrity fitness trainer “Beto” Perez forgot his aerobics music one day and grabbed the Latin salsa and merengue music he had in his backpack. He improvised the entire class on the spot — and Zumba was born. Today, Zumba is taught in over 75 countries at more than 50,000 locations. The wildly popular fitness program features Latin dances including the salsa, cha-cha-cha,mambo, rock ’n’ roll and merengue.

    The Zumba Gold Difference
    Zumba Gold allows anyone of any age or fitness level to enjoy the Latin styles of music and dance that have become so popular in the basic Zumba program. Zumba Gold is perfect for the older active adult, individuals who have not been exercising, or anyone with physical limitations. Zumba Gold is a lower intensity class. The class lasts about 30 to 45 minutes and uses a longer warm-up and cool down. Zumba Gold instructors are also specially trained to watch if students are experiencing problems or discomfort of any kind. In addition, Zumba Gold workouts can be done in a chair for those who are wheelchair-bound or sedentary.

    How to Zumba
    Comfortable workout clothes are best.Also, bring water, a towel…and enjoy the rhythm!

    Zumba Benefits
    Zumba helps both body and mind. Participants experience improves cognitive function,motor control and performance by learning new steps and dance moves. Zumba also helps improve balance, flexibility, cardiovascular strength, range of motion, muscle strength, and bone density. Zumba Gold can also reduce stress and anxiety, enhance self-esteem and increase opportunities for social interaction and quality of life.

    Find a class near you at zumba.com.

    You have most likely heard of the popular fitness program known as Zumba® — with its Latin rhythms, party-like atmosphere and ultra-fast pace. Now, the creators of Zumba bring their fun fitness to a wider audience with Zumba Gold, designed for all ages and activity levels.
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