• The New Eisenhower Walter and Leonore Annenberg Pavilion

    Dedicated to the late Ambassador and Mrs.Annenberg, the new 250,000-square-foot Eisenhower Walter and Leonore Annenberg Pavilion is scheduled to open in Fall 2010. The stunning new 250-bed Pavilion has been conceived with all the essential elements of healing: elimination of stress, access to nature, personal choice, social support, and positive diversion.

    In the new Pavilion, stress reduction was fundamental to the design. Cutting-edge research in neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology (the affects of emotions on the immune system), evolutionary biology, and environmental psychology all reveal the intrinsic and perceptible benefits of a healing environment. Features such as gentle lighting, carpeting and acoustic ceilings to reduce noise, and individual air temperature controls for comfort are present throughout this magnificent facility.

    Graced with views of gardens, soothing water elements and art that highlights nature’s glories, the Pavilion atmosphere invites relaxation. Personal choices are offered in every setting including occasions for privacy or socialization while dining or waiting, diverse menus for all tastes,multiple entertainment alternatives, and comfortable seating options. Families may make arrangements to sleepover in the patient’s room, and each nursing floor has a large family living room-style lounge with splendid mountain views.

    Integral to healing at the Pavilion, of course, is Eisenhower Medical Center’s incomparable medical staff, nurses, technicians and support staff, the state-of-the-art medical technologies, and the clinical excellence that is the hallmark of Eisenhower.

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