• Massage: More Than Pampering

    Massage is one of the oldest forms of holistic medical treatment, dating back thousands of years. China is often credited with the earliest forms of massage, with practitioners in India and Japan later developing its techniques. Not only is this ancient bodywork pleasurable and relaxing, but it also offers a wealth of health benefits.

    With experts estimating that 90 percent of disease and aging are linked to some sort of stress, massage is a powerful ally in combating tension, depression and anxiety. Massage actually calms the nervous system and promotes clarity, well-being and emotional balance—enhancing sleep, promoting overall energy, reducing fatigue and improving concentration.

    Massage promotes blood circulation, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells and organs. Massaging the body increases lubrication between muscle fibers, making them more flexible and able to move more efficiently. Massage also stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products. In addition, massage can help with pain management, including arthritis, sciatica, overused muscles, and muscle cramps and spasms.

    The emotional benefits of massage are as significant as the physical ones. Massage releases endorphins into the system, acting as the body’s natural painkiller and mood enhancer. Additionally, the power of touch during massage can create a sense of nurturing. Done by a professional massage therapist, this touch can be healing and energizing, and help increase awareness of the body…leading to total relaxation.

    With its physical and psychological benefits researched and documented, massage is also being more readily embraced by the medical community as a way of alleviating post-surgical pain and as an integral part of hospice care.

    This ancient body technique has a world of benefits. Do not be fooled by its relaxing and pampering nature! Scheduling a massage on a regular basis will have a cumulative positive effect on your physical and mental well-being. Massage can be an important investment in your health.

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