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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars September 2012

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO: Kathleen Place
    RECOGNIZED BY: Karen Saab

    SITUATION/TASK:  Patient was mad at the delay in surgery time.  He was demanding to have the IV removed so he could leave. His wife was upset and they were both vocal. The department had been extremely busy and short staffed, it was after 6pm and we were all tired.

    ACTION:  Kathleen discussed the options open to the gentleman. She then reviewed the health risks he was going to expose himself to by cancelling the surgery. By rationalizing, staying calm and leaving the patient ultimately to make the decision he decided to stay. The patient was grateful and thanked us all for the care and understanding when he left later that night.

    RESULT:  Thanks to Kathleen’s diplomacy, caring nature and calm demeanor the procedure was completed and the patient was satisfied.


    AWARDED TO:  Lee Rice, Joanne Singh, Khalil Ismail, Belinda Zaparinuk and Donna Boatman
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Elizabeth Wholihan

    SITUATION/TASK:  Joanne Singh brought to the appropriate people's attention that the Medline Pink Glove Video competition was coming up. She suggested Eisenhower participate and provided the information. The challenge was for Eisenhower to participate in a breast cancer awareness event without costing the organization money while still producing a video that reflected Eisenhower in the best light. Video production is not an inexpensive proposition - coordinating, videotaping and editing are all costly.

    ACTION:  A committee was formed, ideas were suggested and reviewed, and it was agreed that the group would ask Khalil Ismail to donate his time to film and edit the video - this alone saved the organization thousands of dollars while still allowing us to have an outstanding video. Donna Boatman found affordable pink hats and boas that all participants could use during their portion of the filming. Lee Rice took the ideas generated by the committee and created a shooting schedule to maximize the small amount of time each of the 12 participating departments had available for filming. Lee's communication and enthusiastic direction ensured that participants knew what was expected in advance so filming could be done quickly and efficiently. Lee and Khalil worked together to plan the shots needed for the video to ensure they had all the footage needed for an impactful and uplifting video. It's important to note that Lee and Khalil used a weekend and evenings to edit the video - giving their personal time to ensure that Eisenhower's video would represent the organization well.


    AWARDED TO:  Maria Socorro Novilla
    RECOGNIZED BY: David Peel

    SITUATION/TASK:  A patient was transferred to Annenberg 3 South from another acute care facility. The elderly, disabled patient lives alone in a rural area and has very limited support. The patient was in a very unkempt condition; dirty, smelled, had matted shoulder length grey hair and a filthy chest length beard. His weakened condition had prevented him from showering and performing personal hygiene tasks for what appeared to be several years.

    ACTION: Over the next several days he received multiple head to toe bed baths to remove years of built up and layers of filth and grime. He was on the unit for several days.  On her second night of being assigned to the patient, Socorro asked the patient if he would like his hair trimmed and shaved. Over the next several hours Socorro trimmed back his beard then shaved his face clean, cut his hair short and styled it. To top this off she gave him a manicure trimming yellow filthy curled nails and trimming them short and clean. In a short time Socorro has transformed him; he looked younger, healthier and happier. When he saw himself in a mirror his piercing blue eyes welled up with tears of gratitude and happiness. The next morning the attending MD did not recognize his patient.

    RESULT:  The patient now looked like a different person younger, healthier and he was now motivated to participate in his own care. His outlook changed and he was now optimistic of a better future. Prior to his discharge Case Management obtained clean clothing for him.  Another RN brought him shoes and changes of clothing. At discharge, he went home happy, looking like a new person; a successful Eisenhower ‘make over’ story. Thank you, Socorro.


    AWARDED TO:  Khalil Ismail
    RECOGNIZED BY: Ronald Sneider, MD

    I am writing to you in praise of Khalil Ismail. It isn’t often that I feel compelled to write on behalf of an EMC employee, but I just wanted to tell you that in Khalil’s case I do. Khalil has been invaluable to me and my office staff when dealing with problems related to medical record issues, dictation problems, like MD glitches, and computer irregularities in dealing with EMC records, especially finding records on line and assisting us in understanding EMC record processes. For example, when the radiology department could not open a DVD a patient brought in to review and compare to EMC CT Scans, Khalil was able to solve the problem. When I get requests from third parties for records and they are difficult to find online, Khalil has been able to help me. When medical records can’t find a dictation I already did, Khalil finds it.

    Besides his technical computer skills, he is always pleasant, affable, and available. He answers calls promptly and is a problem solver. To me, he is a great asset and credit to the hospital, and especially to Health Information Management for a job well done.

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