• Pharmacy Boasts New Services, New Look

    Everything is new at the Eisenhower Medical Center Pharmacy! New home delivery services, recent renovations and plans to implement a new system expediting the prescription filling process are transforming this service center into a state-of-the-art facility that is virtually accessible 24-hours-a-day. But there is one thing that has not and will not change — the very human aspect of service with a smile.

    “Our mission is to make a visit or call to the Pharmacy the easiest part of someone’s day,” says Lyle Matthews, Director of Pharmacy Services at Eisenhower Medical Center. “We also want to make it one of the most pleasant experiences of one’s day, and are here to serve our customers to the best of our ability.”

    The Pharmacy has simplified the process of getting prescriptions transferred, both to newcomers and snowbirds coming into the desert, as well as for those traveling.The prescription can either be transferred to the Eisenhower Pharmacy from a distant location, or to a pharmacy in the destination city/location, or customers can have their prescription conveniently mailed directly from the Eisenhower Pharmacy to their home or new destination, in or out of state.

    “Customers simply need to give us their address, or, if desired, the name of the pharmacy they want to work with in their new location, and we’ll make the call,”Matthew says. “Customers can either notify us before they leave town or can call and set up the service after they’ve left. It’s that easy!”

    Other enhancements include a redesign of the Pharmacy’s front store area, discontinuing items that were not suited to our Eisenhower patients or not selling, and making the space more open and airy.

    “There were islands and islands of merchandise that took up a lot of space,” Matthews says. “We rearranged the space, added some chairs and a television, and made Eisenhower Pharmacy a more open and inviting place.”

    The Pharmacy is also in the process of implementing an after-hours telephone number that will allow customers to refill prescriptions around the clock.The automated service will be user-friendly, and will greatly enhance and automate the refill process. Customers may “opt out” of the service during regular business hours to speak with a member of the Pharmacy staff, or can simply call the Pharmacy’s main number, 760-773-1219.The new system will be operational by the end of summer 2005.

    Eisenhower Pharmacy Eisenhower Pharmacy offers a 10 percent discount program for seniors and members of Eisenhower’s Center for Healthy Living. Open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, the Eisenhower Pharmacy is located on the first floor of Eisenhower’s Kiewit Building. They are also a simple phone call away at 760-773-1219.

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