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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars November 2013

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO: Shannon Ashcom, Marie Tanare, and Brian Strong  
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Patient

    SITUATION/TASK:  I was admitted to the hospital through the emergency room on October 15, 2013 because of chest pain. It turned out to be a blocked artery, my first ever inkling of any heart issues, and Dr. Khanna opened the artery via angioplasty on October 17. I was subsequently discharged on October 18 after spending three nights in room 2007-B. This was my third EMC hospitalization over the past 24 years and it was the most comfortable thanks to three RNs who cared for me. I was not happy to be in the hospital and experienced much anxiety and stress surrounding my unexpected admission.
    ACTION:  Brian was the nurse on duty my first night and his overt compassion and understanding of my anxiety and fear of my potential heart disease diagnosis made my first 12 hours bearable. Shannon, a caring and loving person who epitomized the Nightingale-like nurse ideal, oversaw my two other nights. She exuded concern for my illness, comfort and well-being. Brian and Shannon were very important support while I was hospitalized.

    Marie, the nurse on duty during the days, is an exceptional professional who cared for me and walked me through my questions and treatments and frustrations, making sure I understood all the issues involved and prepared me for every step of my hospitalization and discharge. Marie really cared. Her gentleness, wonderful smile and attitude were incredibly important to my fragile-at-the-time psyche. Marie was proactive in helping me prepare for the necessary procedures and collected, organized and explained all the information I needed to cope with my diagnosis, treatment and continuing therapy after I was released. It seemed as though she was assigned as my own personal nurse catering to my every whim.

    RESULT:  I was not alone through this experience and these individuals did a wonderful job of taking care of my spouse, Larry Birkett, while he was at my side during the hospitalization. He was kept informed on what was happening and was treated respectfully and with care. We are both grateful for this special support.

    Thank you for providing such caring and highly professional employees! We are fortunate to have EMC in our neighborhood and this experience from start to finish was exceptionally comforting, therapeutic and healing.


    AWARDED TO: Socorro Gonzalez 
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Patient
    SITUATION/TASK:  I have been told of cancer in my right lung. She has been there for me when I cried, when I made crazy remarks. We would laugh, we would talk about recipes. She has an insight into her patients and cares what happens to them.

    ACTION:  She has let me talk, answer questions, told me my feelings are natural. I am on an emotional roller coaster. She brought me a sachet filled with hand lotion & body lotion just to make me feel better. She is thoughtful and sensitive to my feelings.

    RESULT:  I think that with what I am facing she has helped me have a positive attitude. She deserves the Shining Star award for I have never met a nurse like her. She is tops in her field with knowledge and compassion. I will never forget her.


    AWARDED TO:   Timothy Chamberlain
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Sedrick Bedolla

    SITUATION/TASK: Over the past few years we have had an issue with “e” cylinder oxygen tanks going missing. We had a tank audit performed in August 2012, which showed we were missing over 300 “e” cylinder 02 tanks (approx. $84,000) plus monthly rental fees for the tanks. Another audit conducted in November 2012 showed we were now missing over 400 tanks ($115,000). We put together a task force which met in January 2013 and decided that part of the solution would be to hire an equipment coordinator attached to the respiratory department to implement some of the solutions the task force came up with. Tim started in early March 2013.

    ACTION: From the beginning, not only did Tim begin implementing the task force changes, he actively identified additional opportunities. Tim worked with the nursing staff, patient transport and EVS to control the use, movement and storage of O2 tanks within the facility. He helped raise awareness of safe tank storage and identified practices that caused excessive O2 use in the hospital. Tim also worked with our O2 vendor to control the intake and return of the tanks. He implemented a system to track the outflow and return of tanks to the main cage. He was very persistent and routinely followed up with any non-compliant staff members. He also gave me weekly progress reports.

    RESULT:  We had another tank audit in August 2013, and the result of this audit showed that we were not missing a single tank! (I was hoping for no more than 200 or half the total of the previous year). There are many staff members that deserve credit, but it was Tim that went the extra mile, refined many of our suggestions, and made it happen. He has done an outstanding job.


    AWARDED TO:   Christine Johnstone,  Erin Davis,  and Fernando Perez
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Adelso (Alex) Figueroa

    SITUATION/TASK:  On October 31, 2013, I received a call from the security command center to respond to a fall in the Wright building. At the time I had very little information to go on, and all I knew was that a fall had taken place inside the Wright building. Often times, this poses a great challenge for the security team, because we really don’t know the severity of the situation we are facing. I arrived at the building at 3:39 pm, and there I could see two individuals kneeling next to a visitor that had fallen in the building hallway. I immediately asked what had happened, and one of the individuals, Erin Davis, explained that as she turned down the hall she could see the visitor on the floor who was not moving but as she walked closer the man began moving around, visibly shaken by the incident . He was disoriented from falling. She immediately rushed to aid him and contact someone for help.

    ACTION:  Erin’s first instinct was to make sure he was alert and asked if he was ok.  When she saw that he was alert and talking to her, she immediately knocked on the door nearest to her asking for someone to contact Security or  911 . That door happened to be the HHS office, and there were two HHS employees that rushed to assist. One of the HHS employees, Fernando Perez, immediately requested his co-worker help him contact emergency medical services to assist the visitor. The 911 operator made the recommendation that he not move until emergency medical services could arrive. They then told the visitor to stay there and provided him with comfort in letting him know that help was on the way. Furthermore, these two began gathering information regarding his visit, and were able to find out that he was on his way to a doctor’s appointment. They then took the initiative to contact the doctor’s office and explain what had happened to him and would not make his appointment. Shortly after my arrival, Christine Johnstone walked toward us and immediately began to assist the visitor. It was as if she appeared out of nowhere; Christine began asking him questions about his medical history and the medications he was taking. This information later proved to be vital in helping EMS make the determination for the visitor to go to the Emergency Department. We all stood by until EMS arrived and from there, Christine relayed the medical information while Ms. Davis and Mr. Perez stayed waiting with the visitor.

    RESULT:  I have worked at Eisenhower Medical Center for three years and as a security professional I am impressed with how well these individuals handled this situation. They were caring, and supportive to the visitor. Ms. Davis stayed with the patient and was the first responder; Mr. Perez contacted EMS and assisted in directing them to the location. Ms. Johnstone took the initiative to gather his medical information and medical history to have it ready for EMS. Together, this team was able to provide caring and support to our visitors. This is the embodiment of what Eisenhower employees are, a caring team that provides support and works together; and for that I am nominating these three individuals.

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