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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars January 2014

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   Mary Cameron 
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Cathy Majid

    SITUATION/TASK :   A patient came out of the OR post TURP. Patient blood pressure was low and foley draining blood. Mary had to maintain vital signs, plan for additional care, keep the patient informed and comfortable during a very trying recovery.

    ACTION: Mary notified the anesthesiologist of the blood pressure, orders were given for blood expanders, without significant results then had to be repeated. The cath had to be hand irrigated every 15 minutes to attempt to prevent clots, this lasted for 7 hours in the recovery room. (This can be very painful.) Mary was sure to medicate the patient, and explain all that was going on. She spoke to the surgeon and had him come to bedside numerous times to evaluate the patient. Her years of experience gave her the insight to keep the pt NPO, in case he had to go back to surgery. The surgeon, during the 4th hour of recovery said the "urine" was better. Mary respectfully disagreed. During the 5th hour the surgeon decided to keep the patient overnight- he was going to send the patient to the floor. Again, respectfully Mary did not do this. (She still was irrigating the cath every 15 minutes, blood was the drainage.) During the 7th hour, Mary insisted the physician review all that was done for the patient, she competently, reported in a logical manner all the care and intervention that had been done to this point. The physician reassessed the patient again; the decision was to take him back to surgery to stop the bleeding.

    RESULT: Mary was a patient advocate, ensuring that her years of experience were available for her patient. She fought for the patient and trusted her nursing skills. The constant communication with the patient about what was happening, what treatments were being done, constant assessment of his pain, and post op complication and nursing interventions were exceptional. Realizing the probability of the patient going back to surgery, she ensured that he remained NPO so there would be no delay in care. Mary thought of the nurse that would have received the patient, and realized he/she could not manage this patient without immediate physician response, so she took the responsibility herself. She assisted her fellow nurse by understanding the risk of sending the patient to the floor for the nurse to deal with potential problems. Her interventions prevented the patient from having emergency surgery in the middle of the night. She made sure the patient was as comfortable as he could be and as well informed as possible. In addition, Mary’s intervention truly saved a patient life! I had the patient after the second surgery and he was stable and able to be transferred to the floor. When he was getting ready to be transferred, he asked for Mary’s name; He said " I never felt I had someone care for me and take care of me like that in my life. She was an angel on earth!"


    AWARDED TO: Molly M. Leddy, Talea Bloch, Lisa Wofford, Shannon M. Puls, Walter J. Ligman and Abigail Soto, MD  

    RECOGNIZED BY:  Gina Lujan
    I am an employee here at Eisenhower Medical Center, but more importantly I am a daughter. My father was brought in by ambulance on January 10, 2014 from Country Villas in Rancho Mirage. Prior to his transfer my father stated he attempted to call for his nurse and she never responded, well my father had a bowel movement and was very soiled when he arrived at Eisenhower ER. When he arrived, RN Lisa Wofford, RN Molly Leddy and Tech Talea Bloch met and checked my father in. They quickly took his vitals and began to get him cleaned up. I remember my father as strong, independent, proud, loving man…my hero. Now a frail, thin and physically weak man. I felt his embarrassment because he soiled himself but I reassured him all would be okay.

    This amazing group took care of my father and did so in a loving and caring manner. He was not a number, he was not a dollar amount, and he was not an old grumpy man. They showed respect and kindness to this once powerful man I was blessed to have.

    Dad was admitted and went to room 3034A 3S. There I also found a great group of people, Dr. Soto, RN John, and RN Shannon (redhead, who I thought was 15 yrs old). Shannon had to experience my father’s grumpy and sometimes angry mood but yet she was very kind and gentle with my father. Staff there was also great with my mother, everything was carefully explained and staff made sure she was comfortable.

    Thursday January 16th with much sadness I signed for my Daddy’s DNR and was transferred to Odssey for hospice. Friday my Hero died in my mother’s arms.
    Medics that brought my father in, Rn’s that cared for my dad, Admitting staff, Doctors, Housekeeping, Case Managers were all excellent. My father received five star treatment as his journey in this life ended.

    AWARDED TO: Tamara L. Dunn
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Darrell Katsch

    SITUATION/TASK:  Tammy worked late one night at Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center. On her way out of the office, Tammy noticed an elderly patient sitting in the lobby by himself, looking out the window. The patient looked depressed and concerned. Tammy said hello, and asked him if he was alright. He said he was waiting for public transportation to pick him up, and he had been waiting over 2 hours. The last time he called, no one answered the phone and the recording said the organization closed at 5 PM.

    ACTION:  Tammy asked the patient where he lived. Athough it was a ways out of her way home, she agreed to give the patient a ride home.

    RESULT:  The patient was very grateful and impressed with the five star service an Eisenhower employee provided. He didn’t ask her to take him home, she offered. This was above and beyond the call of Tammy’s job description. Good job Tammy


    AWARDED TO: Joseph L. Weaver
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Patient

    SITUATION/TASK:  Mr. Weaver served as an instructor for an Exercise Class.
    ACTION:  The participants quickly developed respect for the way in competent, creative, and caring manner in which Mr. Weaver provided instruction and encouragement to the class members.

    RESULT:  Mr. Weaver’s leadership restored to the participants a "love for movement and health."
    A former participant in Joseph Weaver’s exercise class, called my office to report that she wants to recognize Mr. Weaver to be recognized as a Shining Star. She reported that Mr. Weaver’s leadership restored to the participants "a love for movement and health." She also stated that "...the entire class quickly developed trust, respect, appreciation and awe for the way in which Mr. Weaver provided instruction and encouragement to the participants.


    AWARDED TO:   Raymond A. Arseo
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Robert Bowman

    SITUATION/TASK:  Patient was scheduled for a routine Total Hip Replacement and the instrumentation request had been made and was ready for the procedure. The day of surgery and with less than 2-hours’ notice, the surgical team was informed that this was not a routine Total Hip replacement after all. In fact the surgeon was going to perform a Total Hip Revision which caught the team by surprise. We were able to convert the equipment and supplies over with ease. So we thought.

    ACTION: Ray pointed out one very crucial element when he saw the X-Rays. This patient had implants that were originally put in in 1990 and we didn’t have the equipment needed to do the revision surgery. Ray notified me (the Orthopedic Coordinator), and I placed an emergent phone call to another vendor who wasn’t on the original roster for this case. The vendor was able to get us the implants to the OR just in time for the scheduled procedure time.

    RESULT:  Ray has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Orthopedics and today, a patient’s outcome was affected in a positive manner.  Ray identified the implants and communicated that we needed components that are not kept in the hospital. Ray has had his hand in approximately 7000 Total hip procedures over the 28 years he has been at Eisenhower. I commend Ray for his keen eye, and quick thinking today. The surgery was performed and there was no delay of patient care due to Ray’s actions. If Ray hadn’t jumped in with the observation, we wouldn’t have had what was needed and the case wouldn’t have gone so smoothly. Thank you for all that you do Ray!! YOU ROCK!!

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