• To All Healthy Living Resource Center Members

    All members of Eisenhower’s Healthy Living Resource Center receive a number of benefits, including discounts at local businesses and restaurants, a subscription to Healthy Living magazine, and access to numerous lectures and other educational opportunities throughout the year.

    In January, the Healthy Living Resource Center made some changes to become more closely aligned with the services of the Eisenhower Wellness Institute, which is housed in the Eisenhower Argyros Health Center in La Quinta. The biggest change is that the Healthy Living Resource Center is now centrally located at our current Eisenhower Argyros Health Center location. While many members utilize the center’s services via phone or online, be aware that the office on the main Eisenhower campus
    in Rancho Mirage will be renovated to make room for other programs and services.

    You will still receive the benefits your membership offers. All members will continue to get the great discounts; the magazine will arrive in your mailbox three times a year; and our physician referral service (both online and on the phone) will be available to you, as will the many community lectures and events across the valley. The Healthy Living Resource Center will continue to provide access to California Department of Aging HICAP counselors for Medicare counseling, advance directive forms and other resources. The Healthy Living Resource Center does not offer walk-in blood pressure screenings at the La Quinta location. Please speak with your primary care physician about the best ways to monitor your blood pressure on an ongoing basis.

    As a reminder, you can reach the Healthy Living Resource Center
    in a number of ways:

    Physician referral: emc.org/physician or 760-568-1234
    Calendar of events: emc.org/calendar
    Appointments with a HICAP (insurance) counselor: 760-610-7205
    If you take exercise classes that require payment, please call us at 760-568-1234.

    If you would like to join the Eisenhower Healthy Living
    Resource Center, call 760-610-7205.

    For a complete list of discounts at local
    businesses and resta ura nts, please visit emc.org/discounts

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