• Farzana Qureshi, MD - All In The Family

    Farzana Qureshi’s daughter Rida is 12. She wants to be a doctor, just like her mom. However, Dr. Qureshi, Board Certified in Infectious Disease, says Rida does not want to do exactly what mom does. “She wants to be a dermatologist,”Dr. Qureshi says, smiling. “She wants a specialty where she can be home on the weekends.”

    The doctor muses about her daughter’s choice and definitely gets the message. “I don’t want to miss any opportunities with my daughter,” says Dr. Qureshi. “This is such an important time in her life. She is involved in so many things—piano, Tae Kwon Do, tennis. She loves to go shopping. I take her to all her lessons.We have fun.”

    Still, for Dr. Qureshi the challenge is always in striking a balance between her duties as a physician and her role as mother and wife. “Balance is something I strive for,” Dr. Qureshi reflects. “It is not always achieved, so I just keep striving.”Dr. Qureshi prizes her family time with husband Syed Azam, MD, an internist at Eisenhower, and Rida. She manages to carve out time in her day to cook meals for them, go to the movies and take trips to the library. The family also loves to travel. They have journeyed to Dr. Qureshi’s home country of Pakistan as well as to London, Alaska and Hawaii. Top on the family’s list of future destinations are Australia, New Zealand, and more European cities. TWO SPECIAL MEN

    Dr. Qureshi knew she wanted to be a physician when she was very young and says her father had a significant influence on her interest in health and medicine. “My father encouraged me and did all he could to help me,” she reflects. “I was a bright student. I got straight A’s. I liked science, had support and here I am.”

    After receiving her medical degree in Pakistan, she moved to the United States in 1994 for her residency in Internal Medicine in Brooklyn, New York. That’s where she met Syed. “He was a third-year resident when I came in as a first-year resident,” recalls Dr. Qureshi. “We were married within six months. The first year was very tough, but he was my biggest supporter.” After completing a fellowship in Infectious Disease at North Shore University Hospital in Long Island, New York, they moved to the Coachella Valley in 1999. “I feel fortunate thatmany of the diseases I deal with are curable, so most of my patients do get better. It is very rewarding and that keeps me going.”

    Dr. Qureshi reflects on the men in her life. “My father and my husband are the reasons I am here today.My father worked many difficult jobs to help me become a doctor.My husband was and still is there for me through thick and thin. His beautiful smile just pulls me through.” FEELING AT HOME

    Working at Eisenhower Medical Center and living in Palm Springs, Dr. Qureshi and her family have truly found a comfort zone. “What we have in the desert are the surroundings, weather, quiet and nature that we value so much,”Dr. Qureshi explains. “At Eisenhower, my husband and I feel so lucky to have a friendly working environment. I love to go to work. I feel fortunate that many of the diseases I deal with are curable, so most of my patients do get better. It is very rewarding and that keeps me going.”

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