• Exercise for Life: Exercise on the Road

    If you’re looking forward to your next vacation but dreading the upheaval of the exercise routine you’ve worked so hard to establish, take heart. There are simple things you can do to keep yourself on track and still stay in vacation mode.

    Pack a few key fitness tools – Take toning cords, a pedometer, even a jump rope and you’ll be able to keep in shape during your time away. These tiny fitness tools pack big benefits and won’t take up much suitcase space.

    Make use of airline terminals – You may be sitting a great deal on the plane, so make use of long wait times and layovers to walk up and down the terminals. Take along your favorite music and take a brisk walk, just keep your eye on the clock so you’re on time for your flight.

    Choose the right hotel – Many have fitness centers or guest passes to local gyms. You might also try a local Yellow Pages or internet search for area fitness classes you’re interested in and see if they offer “one time” or “weekly” options.

    Go dancing – Find a nightclub, whether trendy and high energy or sophisticated and sultry, and dance the night away.

    Take a day off – You don’t have to feel guilty about a day free of exercise. It’s important to let the body rebuild and rest after a hard workout. It will leave you feeling revitalized and ready for your next workout.

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