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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars March 2014

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   Linda Alley
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Stephanie Strickland

    SITUATION/TASK :   We were positioning a patient for a Urology case utilizing a specialized table. The table was not capable of moving down low enough for the surgeon to use Floroscopy while performing the intervention.

    ACTION:  Linda has a vast knowledge base. She shared her expertise of the table and added an extension piece that provided the added length needed for visualization. She was positive and supportive of the team at a stressful time.

    RESULT:  The patient was safely and efficiently cared for regardless of positioning challenge. Linda demonstrated true teamwork improving the stress level in the OR. She exemplified expertise and grace in a challenging time!


    AWARDED TO:   Arnold Rodriguez
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK:  An HMO patient was to have surgery and needed a $4000 send out pathology test which was not covered by his insurance.
    ACTION: Arnold negotiated with the reference lab and was able to have this test performed for the patient at no cost to Eisenhower.

    RESULT:  The result: the patient had the needed test at no charge. Arnold consistently strives to negotiate the best price for Eisenhower for tests, reagents, and analyzers. In this case he saved Eisenhower $4000 by taking the time to work with the reference lab. Great job and thank you, Arnold!


    AWARDED TO: Carlos Mayorga, John Stutzman, Jorge Aviles, Martin Estrada Chavez, Michael Lopez and Scott D. Sowell
    RECOGNIZED BY: Rex Catt and Ed McPhee

    SITUATION/TASK:  At 0402 hours on 3/30/14 a 2 inch 140 degree hot water return pipe burst in the basement of the Annenberg Pavilion. This pipe spewed a large volume of hot water and steam which quickly filled the storage room and then the hallway way leading to Café 34. This water flow set off the fire alarm for the Annenberg Pavilion. Security officers Jorge Aviles, Carlos Mayorga, Mike Lopez, Martin Estrada and John Stutzman all responded to this incident along with Plant Operator Scott Sowell. Each of these employees was exposed to pressurized hot water in an effort to get to the eight valves that needed to be shut off to stop the problem. Water pressure was so high, that a café table had to be used as a shield so that the valves could be shut off.

    ACTION: After the water was shut off, the water was cleaned up. Café 34 was able to open up on time for its morning customers.

    RESULT: This group effort contained a serious problem and kept damages to a minimum. It was done in a timely manner while exposing each individual to personal risk of injury. Getting the water shut off allowed the fire alarm to be reset so that patients weren’t bothered by a ringing fire alarm.

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