• Keeping You Fit and Functional

    Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy restore your ability to function after injury, and/or prevent injury. They utilize a team approach in collaboration with your physician to establish an individualized program, which you perform in the hospital or outpatient clinic initially, then progress towards activities you perform at home, at work or perhaps on the playing field. Getting Started

    Your physician will provide a referral or prescription to get you started. The office staff will schedule appointments at one of the four outpatient locations, whichever is most convenient for you: Dolores Hope Outpatient Care Center or Lakeview Building on the Eisenhower campus in Rancho Mirage, or the offices in La Quinta and Palm Springs.

    Your first visit consists of a review of your history and present condition, some tests to measure your range of motion, strength, sensation, posture, and movement analysis. Additional tests may include balance, coordination or endurance, and others depending upon the condition. Your therapist will also review your therapy goals and your current function, and will then discuss the treatment program and expectations for progress. Treatments

    Eisenhower Medical Center’s professional therapy team utilizes state-of-the-art therapeutic procedures to relieve your pain, increase your motion and strength, and enhance your performance in your activities of daily living. Modalities such as heat, ultrasound, traction or electrical stimulation can also enhance the body’s ability to heal. In addition, therapists will help mobilize specific joints or soft tissue to restore health to these areas. Speech therapists will utilize specific techniques to promote oral motor strength, articulation, cognition and speech production. Occupational therapists offer splinting and specific training in self-care and activities of daily living.

    A number of new programs have recently been implemented including the Cancer/Lymphedema Management Program, which provides services to restore motion, strength, and function in the cancer patient, along with lymph drainage massage and bandaging as appropriate. Insurance Coverage

    “Your first visit consists of a review of your history and present condition, some tests to measure your range of motion, strength, sensation, posture, and movement analysis. ”

    Physical, occupational and speech therapy services are all typically covered by most insurance companies. A physician order (prescription) is required.

    Recent Medicare legislation has established a cap per calendar year limiting outpatient therapy to Medicare patients. This cap on therapy services does NOT apply to hospital-based programs such as at Eisenhower Medical Center — only outpatient therapy services provided outside of the hospital. The Eisenhower Difference

    What makes Eisenhower’s programs particularly unique and special are the therapists — leaders in their fields of expertise and highly committed to providing excellent patient care. With advanced certifications in the specialty areas of hands, athletic training, strength and conditioning, manual lymph drainage, vestibular rehabilitation and board certification in orthopedics and sports, their advance training, personal commitment, caring and compassionate attitude, and experience helps these professionals offer the best therapy services — unmatched by any other provider in the Valley.

    Eisenhower’s Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy departments offer many services which can assist you in keeping you fit and functional. For more information on these programs, please call 760-773-1630.

    THERAPY MODALITIES OFFERED AT EISENHOWER ORTHOPEDICS — back/spine injuries, joint replacement, sprain/strain, shoulder rotator cuff rehabilitation SPORTS MEDICINE — high school outreach, recreational/ professional athletic rehabilitation BALANCE/VESTIBULAR REHABILITATION — dizziness, imbalance, stroke, and fall prevention HAND REHABILITATION — hand clinic dedicated to only hand/wrist injuries AQUATIC REHABILITATION — pool therapy for all conditions, particularly orthopedic, neurologic and arthritic PEDIATRICS — cerebral palsy, developmental delay, neurological injuries STROKE/HEAD INJURY— complete neurological services including Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis WORK SITE ASSESSMENT/ MODIFICATION — to prevent injury or re-injury

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