• Leo White Bear To Speak at Eisenhower

    Native American artist and practicing shaman Leo White Bear will be a special guest speaker at the Arts and Healthcare Program at Eisenhower Medical Center for several events this April.

    White Bear and his wife Jackie reside on a farm surrounded by the woods of central Wisconsin. Of Cherokee descent, White Bear says the two are traveling across the United States, in April, as part of a trip to “look for different whispers.” “I know the whispers of my people here, and my life surrounded by woods,” explains White Bear. “I enjoy the different views and cultures of people. I look forward to being in the desert.”

    Leo White Bear, a former student of intertribal Medicine Man John “Rolling Thunder” Pope, is a visual artist, musician, teacher, herbalist, and inventor. In the visual arts, White Bear describes himself as a “fine line artist” in the Cherokee tradition, producing works on canvas as well decorative works on clay and hand-made ceremonial instruments. As a teacher, his expertise spans a wide variety of subjects, including the crafting of Native American instruments, advanced beadwork, and the traditions and history of the Cherokee. White Bear plays eight instruments (six of which he made himself), including saxophone, Native American flute, Appalachian dulcimer, guitar (bass and rhythm), drums, and ocarinas (ancient flute-like instruments).

    On Friday morning, April 10, 2009, Leo White Bear will be a guest speaker during the Art ‘n Soul class, where he will lecture about his varied artistic endeavors and cultural styles.

    In addition, on Monday, April 13, 2009, Leo White Bear will speak to the Healing Words class from the perspective of a Native American storyteller. White Bear will also address the Songs of the Desert Native American Flute class, playing and displaying his hand-crafted ceremonial instruments. Both of these classes will be open to guests.

    For reservations for these Leo White Bear events, please call 760-837-8966.

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