• Peter Scheer, MS, DDS

    During the mid-summer months, oral and maxillofacial surgeon Peter Scheer, MS, DDS takes a break from his busy practice to make his annual sojourn to Vienna, Austria. He travels to the AKH (Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt Wien) Vienna General Hospital, the University clinic of the city and the largest hospital in Austria, to teach its students and residents.

    The association has lasted more than two decades and began when Scheer gave a lecture at AKH. “One thing led to another and they kept inviting me back,” explains Scheer. “I also grew up in Switzerland and spent eight years in Hamburg, so I can speak both German and English which is quite helpful in this situation.” Scheer teaches several courses to the students and residents at the university and a number have traveled to his Rancho Mirage office and spent six months interning with him, learning his specialized cosmetic facial techniques.

    “Having residents looking over your shoulder, whether it is here or there, holds me to a higher standard,” shares Scheer, “because there is not one thing that I do that I don’t have to explain. It keeps my skills a bit sharper. I love the challenge. Plus, I learn from them, and they have ideas and say ‘Hey, why don’t you do it this way,’ or ‘Have you heard about this?’ It’s a wonderful interchange of information.”

    With Eisenhower Medical Center for 20 years, Scheer also teaches in Japan and is a regular lecturer at Loma Linda University. “I really enjoy traveling and meeting new people, and often encourage my new colleagues to join me on my mission trips to Central America where we help children with cleft lips, palates and patients with other deformities.”

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