• Eisenhower Chest Pain Center Receives Full Accreditation

    One of Only Three in California

    Eisenhower Medical Center recently received full accreditation as a Chest Pain Center by the Society of Chest Pain Centers and is one of only three hospitals in California to receive this accreditation.

    The Society of Chest Pain Centers is a patient centered nonprofit international professional organization focused upon improving care for patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS) and other maladies. The Society promotes protocol-based medicine to address the diagnosis and treatment of acute coronary syndromes. To earn Chest Pain Center accreditation, a facility must successfully meet the Society’s eight criteria, including integration of the Emergency Department with the Emergency Medical System, timely diagnosis and treatment of patients with ACS, assessment of patients with low to moderate risk of ACS, functional facility design, organizational structure and clinical protocols, process improvement pathways, community outreach, and personnel competencies and training program.

    Chest Pain Centers quickly diagnose cardiac patients, begin treatment within minutes and significantly improve the chance of a positive outcome. Studies show that Chest Pain Centers reduce mortality rates by 37 percent. The emphasis of Chest Pain Centers includes focusing on high-risk patients as well as decreasing unnecessary admissions of low risk patients with chest pain.

    “Everyone at Eisenhower Medical Center is excited to realize this successful accreditation as a Chest Pain Center. The high standards set by the Society will benefit our patients, who can be certain that our goal with our heart attack patients is to save lives, improve patient outcomes, and provide an overall strategy for cardiac care,” says Louise White, Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President, Patient Care Services, Eisenhower Medical Center.

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