• Aubrey Eyer, MD Life in the Fast Lane

    As a boy, Aubrey Eyer only envisioned himself being two things as an adult—a doctor or a professional baseball player. While the latter was enticing, the first seemed more attainable, especially with the medical influences around him and his mother’s encouragement. “My mother had a number of close friends in medicine she held in high esteem. She was really my motivating force,” reflects Dr. Eyer.

    A Southern California native, Dr. Eyer excelled at physiology and biology in school and went on to realize his boyhood dream of becoming a physician. For thirteen years, Eyer thrived as a Family Practice physician and saw a variety of patients, including pediatric and orthopedic patients. As specialties advanced, however, family practice became more and more narrow. “It just became too routine for me,” says Dr. Eyer.

    Eyer decided to do some narrowing of his own. He felt anesthesia might be the answer. The discipline incorporated basic science, such as pharmacology and physiology—areas he felt would stimulate him as a physician. A NEW CAREER Dr. Eyer went back to school for a full three-year residency in anesthesia in 1986. “It was tough being a resident again for three years, but it was exciting and just what I needed,” he recalls. Still, the differences in anesthesia compared to family practice were significant. “I no longer have my own patients anymore,” Eyer notes, “yet I am still very important to each patient I come in contact with.” It was an adjustment, but the quick dynamics of anesthesia appealed to Dr. Eyer, who is Board Certified in Anesthesiology. “You’re handling a situation that is very acute. You give a drug—and you see its immediate effects. It’s very appealing.” [photo dir="assets/news/story/cfhlimages/200709/pprofile2.jpg" align="center"]

    Today, Eyer serves as Anesthesiology Section Chief in the division of Surgery at Eisenhower Medical Center where he works alongside his wife Debbie, a nurse in the pre-operative interview department. “Another reason I think I went into anesthesia is you have the ability to control things.We see a lot of people who are very ill. To be able to get them through a procedure safely and in a comfortable manner—that’s very rewarding,” says Dr. Eyer. NEED FOR ADVENTURE While Eyer is an avid cyclist, skier, mountain biker, and is a loyal University of Southern California alumnus who can be found tailgating at home and away games, it is his love of cars that tops his list of hobbies.

    Appealing to his daring nature, car racing is a favorite pastime. Dr. Eyer has owned Porsches since the mid-70s and is a member of the Porsche Club of America. “I like to drive the cars hard and take them up to the speeds they were built for within the controlled environment of a racetrack,” Eyer explains. An incident last year when he spun out and came in contact with a cement railing was an eye opener. Eyer smiles, “It gets your attention. I learned a lot on that one!”

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