• 5 Things you can do right now as part of your wellness routine

    1. Browse Your Photo Albums
    Spend some time flipping through some old photo albums or an electronic tablet and take a trip down memory lane. You may find yourself smiling often.

    2. Plan and Plant an Herb Garden
    Liven up your morning omelette or evening soup with fresh, home-grown herbs. Plant newly discovered herbs as well as old favorites.

    3. Time to Stretch
    Touch your toes, your calves or your knees — whatever you can reach — and enjoy a slow, gentle stretch. Long, deep breaths will complement your efforts.

    4. Replace Your Toothbrush
    The American Dental Association® recommends switching to a new toothbrush every three to four months or sooner if bristles become frayed.

    5. Change Your Hairstyle
    Surprise yourself (and your hairdresser) and ask for something fun and slightly daring.

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