• A Day of Hope for Diabetes

    Day of Hope for DiabetesSM is a major presentation of inspiration, education, and products for all who are concerned with diabetes and its complications. It is free and open to the public.

    On our tenth anniversary, we have again raised the bar. As always, we have provided inspiration — it is the basis of our event; it is our mission. Through scientific discovery, or the presentation of personal experience, we transform what can often be a bleak outlook into a vista of hope. Our efforts have enabled individuals to make positive changes to their lifestyle, have motivated them to form support groups, and have even been the impetus for the formation of educational organizations and fundraising foundations. Now, we aim to do even more.

    With this firsttime visit by Frank Vinicor, MD, MPH, our annual event provides access to a man who is instrumental in setting national policy! He is the Director of the Division of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that recommends guidelines for the prevention, care and the cure of diabetes. This is your chance to hear The State Of The Nation, and the course thus far determined. It is also an unprecedented opportunity not just to be informed, not just to be inspired, but to be inspirational yourself. On the morning of March 12, I invite you to ask the questions and present the issues that may create new thoughts and new pathways for the management of this disease on a national basis.

    I look forward to the activities of this great day.

    Steven M. Finger Chair A Day of Hope for DiabetesSM A Day of Hope for DiabetesSM Welcomes back Patrick Soon- Shiong, MD

    Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong On this special anniversary date, we have made an extraordinary effort to advance our cause of creating a better future. However, we are simultaneously taking one powerful step back to reacquaint you with one of our very first speakers.

    At our inception, ten years ago, Dr. Soon-Shiong made his first public announcement of his groundbreaking role in islet cell transplantation, a process that enables the body to again make its own insulin, and which set in motion a revolution of entirely new possibilities. By doing so, he helped set a standard of bringing you the latest and most promising diabetesrelated scientific discoveries. Now, once again, this charismatic speaker has agreed to make our event a primary forum for discussion of his latest work, and how it may have a far-reaching and positive impact on future treatments for diabetes.

    A Day of Hope for Diabetes SM is now the largest free, full-day, multi-faceted, educational event of its kind in all of the 11 western states. It will be held in the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences on the campus of the Eisenhower Medical Center. Doors open at 8 a.m. and seminars continue until 4 p.m.

    Our children’s program is expanded thanks to the participation of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; our exercise segment is more playful (Chair Dancing IS fun), and our programs on dental, foot, and eye care are include the very latest information by the desert’s best doctors.

    Our summary seminar on the best medications available is led by Dr. Jack Deller (always in demand) and our clinic on Insulin Management is given by Dr. Jost-Vu, the Medical Director of Eisenhower Medical Center’s Diabetes Program.

    Once again, the Product Fair that features the best and the newest is open for the full day. An affordable, nutritious lunch is available, as are the free eye, heart, and foot screenings for Desert Diabetes Club Members. For free screenings, please be sure your $20 and tax deductible membership is current! For information, call 760-773-1578.

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