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    Stepping up to the Demand for Optimal Care

    One of the most important objectives in health care today is the training and recruitment of primary care physicians — family medicine and internal medicine — to meet the nationwide demand for optimal personal and family care. As one of the leading health care systems in the nation, Eisenhower Medical Center has been vigorously recruiting family medicine and internal medicine physicians to meet the need for primary care physicians here in the Coachella Valley. Eisenhower has also created the Center for Family Medicine at the Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros Health Center. Part of Eisenhower’s teaching hospital, which is scheduled to begin accepting residents in 2013, the Center for Family Medicine focuses on patient-physician centered relationships.

    “I think one of the key points is that family medicine is a specialty. But it’s a specialty that focuses on breadth of care and is centered on the patient-physician relationship,” says Maureen Strohm, MD, Director of the Center for Family Medicine. “In the training process, resident physicians are trained across the entire spectrum of care, regardless of the patient’s age, medical problems or venue. We train residents in the hospital setting, in the outpatient office, the nursing home, as well as in the patient’s home. We also work with the resident physicians to incorporate a community focus in their work and caring.”

    Joining Eisenhower Medical Center in 2009, Dr. Strohm has more than 27 years of experience in caring for patients and families in downtown Los Angeles. Dr. Strohm also has 14 years of experience as a family medicine residency director at the University of Southern California/California Hospital Family Medicine Residency program and 25 years as a faculty member with USC’s Keck School of Medicine where she is currently a Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine.

    According to Dr. Strohm, family medicine physicians have enough experience and expertise to handle about 90 percent of the health concerns they encounter. When specialists are needed, family physicians coordinate a patient’s care, ensuring a greater level of patient safety and balance which are fundamental to the relationship between the patient and physician.

    One of the reasons for resurgence in primary care is the result of listening to what patients want. For those who remember the term “general practitioner,” the family medicine physician is that and more — someone who looks at the family as a whole entity, learning from both individual and group dynamics, treating the whole person and the whole family as an integral part of their community.

    “For those of us who choose to go into family medicine, part of the reason and part of the joy is caring for whole families,” shares Dr. Strohm. “It brings a wealth to that relationship to be able to know each individual in the family in a special way.”

    “There’s an extraordinary need for more primary care physicians,” explains Dr. Strohm. “By bringing residents in training to Eisenhower, the likelihood of them staying is significantly increased, so we will be building, over time, the base of physicians available to care for our community.”

    Eisenhower George and Julia Argyros Health Center for Family Medicine
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