• Developer Peter Solomon Donates Two Million Dollars

    Largest Business Contribution Ever to Eisenhower

    On Friday, March 17, Peter Solomon, President and Owner of Regency Homes, announced his two million dollar donation to Eisenhower Medical Center. The largest business contribution ever to Eisenhower, it will include an in-kind amount designated for road construction on the Eisenhower Medical Center campus.

    Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Solomon praised the community in which he lives. “This valley has been very good, not only to our company, but to all builders, developers and so many other businesses. One of the interesting aspects to our business is that we build homes for people who come to the Coachella Valley for a lifestyle…and our customers would not be coming here if it weren’t for Eisenhower Medical Center. We know that. We need Eisenhower probably more than Eisenhower needs us.”

    Michael D. Landes, President, Eisenhower Medical Center Foundation, expressed his thanks to Mr. Solomon. “Eisenhower Medical Center has benefited from Mr. Solomon’s knowledge, focused attention to detail and strategic vision as a member of the Facilities and Grounds Committee here at Eisenhower — and now we are the beneficiaries of his generosity. For that, we will be ever grateful.”

    In his final remarks at the press conference, Mr. Solomon, a Coachella Valley resident since 1975, expressed his hope that more of the Valley’s developers will contribute to Eisenhower. “As we go into the 21st century, it’s so necessary to have a facility to take care of the population that builders, such as we are, bring to this valley.”

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