• Your Guide To Good Health: The Benefits Of Swimming

    If there’s one thing we have in abundance here in the valley, it’s swimming pools. All shapes and sizes, pools exemplify an activity of utter relaxation, cool water and warm sun. Because they are so readily available, pools are an ideal way to exercise and beat the heat.

    If you’re out of the habit of swimming, start slow and ease back into it. Set a goal of five or ten laps, executed slowly and deliberately. You may increase the number of laps each week. If your strokes feel awkward, consider taking a swimming class. A little instruction never hurts and often maximizes your workout. It also helps prevent injury. IDEAS A kick board provides another way to get your exercise with an emphasis on moving your legs. Try wearing goggles and even earplugs. Always wear sunscreen and keep tanning time to a minimum. Consider a small cooler with iced water and fresh fruit at poolside.

    Exercise in general, and especially swimming, is a great tonic for a good night’s sleep. So enjoy the water, get fit and feel wonderful.

    Eisenhower Medical Center’s pool is 89 degrees and is kept clean through an advanced non-chlorine system.

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