• New Closure Device Improves Patient Experience

    Puneet Khanna, MD in Eisenhower’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab.
    Puneet Khanna, MD in Eisenhower’s Cardiac Catheterization Lab.
    Eisenhower Medical Center adds yet another tool to its list of pioneering advancements. On May 16, 2007, Eisenhower was the first facility in the United States to use the Mynx™ Vascular Closure Device (VCD). The VCD is designed to seal the femoral artery (the main artery of the thigh) after cardiac catheterization procedures such as an angiogram or angioplasty. Patients undergoing diagnostic or interventional cardiac procedures have a catheter inserted through a small puncture in the femoral artery, creating access to the blood vessels. Upon completion of the procedure, a closure device is used to stop any bleeding at the puncture site. Prior to the Mynx VCD, the procedure required pressure manually applied to the puncture site by a nurse, or by the use of clamps or sandbags, while the patient remained still for a period of time, causing discomfort. Additionally, closure devices used prior to the Mynx could not be used on all patients, were more complicated to use and delayed most patients’ return to ambulation.

    The Mynx VCD uses a special hydrogel to form a seal and stop any bleeding at the puncture site. This painless, efficient procedure allows the patient to move sooner, and the gel is absorbed into the body in a few days.

    Eisenhower’s Puneet Khanna,MD, Board Certified Interventional Cardiologist at Desert Cardiology Consultants’Medical Group, was not only the first physician to utilize the device, but also aided in its design. “It was gratifying to see nearly five years’ worth of work come to fruition with Federal Drug Administration approval, and then to treat the first patient in the United States just two days later,” says Dr. Khanna.

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