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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars December 2012

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   Marie Simard
    RECOGNIZED BY: Maureen Reiley

    SITUATION/TASK: The California Department of Public Health Medication Error Reduction Survey identified a need for increased pharmacy oversight in the Emergency Room. Marie Simard accepted this challenge in addition to her already hectic workload as the Operations Coordinator for the Pharmacy. This role includes real-time review, observation and discussion with physicians and nurses and retrospective reviews of medication use.

    ACTION: Marie Simard has completed 2 studies on medication use and is in the process of conducting a third. In September 2012 a Hydromorphone Injection study revealed EMC is appropriately using this medication in the ED. In October 2012 the Anticoagulation study revealed opportunity to improve heparin dosing so cardiac/stroke event patients receive the correct treatment dose. Marie facilitated changes to physician Heparin dosing selection in HEO. Now the electronic order entry system defaults to the correct doses for the treatment of cardiac/stroke events or VTE/PE per EMC’s clinical guidelines. In November 2012 IV antibiotic selection was studied which revealed opportunity to improve care of the sepsis patient. Marie developed a tool for clinicians that identified which IV antibiotics should be given first based on recommended administration time and educated ED nurses on the selection of antibiotics for patients.

    RESULT:  In less than one quarter Marie has identified multiple opportunities to prevent harm to our patients. Through Marie's knowledge and commitment to excellence EMC has implemented system changes that are improving patient care and saving lives in the ED. She is a shining star in patient safety and professional excellence.


    AWARDED TO: Rosa Ivy
    RECOGNIZED BY: Norma Jacquez

    SITUATION/TASK:  A patient was told he would be discharged as soon as his paper work was completed. He had been bathed so he was changed into his street clothes. Suddenly the patient disappeared, security, the nursing supervisor and the police were notified. For 1 ½ hours the search went on. Rosa offered to stay and help speak to the police as she had seen him last. I told her I would describe him as well, as the nurse.

    ACTION:   On her way home she spotted the patient.  She stopped and called me to let me know. She asked him where he was going and he said he was going home to La Quinta Cove. He was already on Cook and Country Club. Rosa offered him a ride back to the hospital where his wife was. The patient agreed and she brought him back.

    RESULT:  The patient was brought back safely, the wife was relieved. The discharge completed. The patient was forgetful and any number of things might have happened had Rosa not kept her eye out for him and made sure he was brought back safely.


    AWARDED TO:  James Butler
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK:  We were bringing in a large chemistry analyzer to replace one of our existing analyzers. This would entail cost to the organization because we would need to bring in additional 220 power and also a water supply. We also had space and weight challenges.
    ACTION: Jim, our Chemistry Supervisor, had the idea to remove the old analyzer, and hook the new one up in it's place.

    RESULT:  Because of Jim's ingenuity, the organization avoided the cost of bringing power and water in temporarily. Thanks to his idea, we also avoided the additional load on the floor. Great thinking Jim, and thank you!


    AWARDED TO:  Keith Brockgreitens
    RECOGNIZED BY: Joanne Singh

    SITUATION/TASK:  Last week we had an unfortunate incident where a patient driving a handicapped modified vehicle accidentally accelerated at a stop sign. He jumped the curb, knocked down the stop sign and crashed into our department golf cart. His vehicle and our golf cart were damaged and un-drivable.

    ACTION:  As you can imagine the poor man and his care giver were both distraught. A tow truck came to remove his van and a cab was called to transport the man home. After about an hour a cab arrived, but the driver was not able to accommodate this man and his wheelchair. During this time, Keith Brockgreitens from Materials Management had been periodically checking on the couple. As it was getting dark and cold, Keith brought them back to the Materials Management department and settled them into the lobby. He made numerous phone calls to find a disabled transport company and gave them the directions to the Peri Building. Keith then stayed with them after hours until the transport company arrived to safely take them home.

    RESULT:   The man and his caregiver were very appreciative of Keith’s efforts on their behalf. Keith went above and beyond the call of duty offering compassion and caring at a very difficult time. He is a true Shining Star.


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