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  • Shining Stars April 2012

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Araceli Villa-Cardenas
    RECOGNIZED BY: Mary Shalhoub & Chris Simeone

    SITUATION/TASK: Araceli Villa-Cardenas, one of our Catering Associates, came to me yesterday with a heavy heart. She was concerned about the wife of one of the patients on her assigned floor. As Araceli was carrying a conversation with the wife, who was obviously pregnant, she realized that she had not eaten all day. As Araceli conversed with the wife, she found out that she is 7 months pregnant with no place to live and no money to eat; let alone spend on gas to visit her husband every day. She's been spending the nights here at Eisenhower.

    ACTION: As we were talking, Araceli said to me: “I live in a small house. My husband has no job right now. We have kids to take care of but I’m very lucky to have a job.” Araceli continued to say “After I heard her story, I feel I am rich compared to her. When I was pregnant last year, my friends – her team mates – gave me a baby shower. I was so lucky. This lady has nothing. I am going to give her baby clothes and a car seat because she cannot leave the hospital without one and car seats are very expensive.” This morning, Araceli asked to provide free food for the wife and brought her the car seat just in case the husband was discharged and she couldn’t be in contact with her.

    RESULT:  I want to recognize her for going above and beyond to assist a stranger in need. I am writing this for an individual that is never selfish, and always recognizes when someone needs a little help from a caring person! I have tears in my eyes writing this. As the Patient Services Manager, I hear story after story from the Catering Associates that are so touching and I am so honored and proud of them all and today of Araceli, who displayed, in my opinion, “caring as it should”!


    AWARDED TO:   David Fanning
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK:  The United Blood Services blood donor center was relocating and wanted us to take their blood irradiator because the cost of moving it to their new location would be prohibitively expensive.
    ACTION: David seized this opportunity, did extensive research into the risks and benefits of acquiring the irradiator, then made the recommendation that we move forward with the acquisition.

     RESULT:  David not only ensured continued timely availability of irradiated blood for immuno compromised patients, but he saved the hospital $22,600 the first year and $44,200 each year after by eliminating the $30 per unit irradiation charge. Great job, and thank you, David!


    AWARDED TO:  Gregory Kole
    RECOGNIZED BY: Mike Ronning

    SITUATION/TASK:  I was in the stress room during a cardiac stress test – Greg came and got me stating that a patient was acting strange and did not look right.

    ACTION:  We immediately went to the patient who was exhibiting classic signs and symptoms of a possible stroke when only minutes before she was totally appropriate.

    RESULT:  A rapid response was called and because of Greg’s quick and appropriate recognition of a problem the patient went through stroke protocol, was definitely diagnosed and delivered to a critical care bed – all in 64 minutes- good job Greg!

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