• Five Things You Can Do Right Now As Part Of Your Wellness Routine

    1. Plan a Homemade Pizza Party
    Invite some friends and ask everyone to bring a favorite topping and drink to share. Give awards for most creative and best tasting pizzas.

    2. Stretch Your Face
    Prop yourself in front of a mirror and open your mouth wide, raise your eyebrows, wink, and wiggle your nose and ears, if you can. Laughing is permitted and highly encouraged.

    3. Walk Your Neighborhood
    As Katherine Hepburn once stated, “Exercise each day, in all kinds of weather.” Early mornings are quite pleasant even in the hottest months.

    4. Make an Ear Check Appointment
    The rustle of leaves, a crackling fire, your favorite music, or a phone call from your best friend — you wouldn’t want to miss hearing any of it. Make an appointment to get your ears checked today.

    5. Drink Herbal Tea, Day or Night
    Stay hydrated without caffeine — drink herbal teas like peppermint, South African rooibos or chamomile — or find other flavors you enjoy.

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