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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars September 2013

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   Eva H. Moore
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Paula Swaford Tkachuk, RN

    SITUATION/TASK:  On September 14th we experienced a total of three “codes” on our floor on the night shift and two rapid responses on day shift in one 24 hour period.

    At the start of the night shift, our first code occurred at about 1930. Shortly thereafter one of Eva Moor’s post-CABG patients began having significant changes in his vital signs with a drop in blood pressure and pulse. She made the appropriate calls and got the patient transferred to ICU.

    The patient’s wife, walking slowly with a cane and her middle-aged cousin came up to 4South to see how the patient was doing not knowing that he had been transferred to ICU just minutes before.

    ACTION: Eva told the wife the he was in ICU and intuitively decided to accompany the wife and cousin to the elevator so they could not get lost. While waiting for the elevator to arrive, the cousin suddenly collapsed onto the floor, unconscious and not breathing. Eva quickly called a code blue from her phone and began CPR.

    The code team arrived and began resuscitation efforts. Staff members found a wheelchair and escorted the wife of the patient down to see her husband in ICU, while the code team continued to work on the cousin, on the floor, with no IV access in place. She was taken to ER where she stopped breathing once more and another code blue was instituted. Dr. Vuthoori took her for an emergent cardiac catheterization in the Cath Lab where her main coronary artery (the LAD) was found to be totally occluded.

    And the nights’ drama did not stop there. As the clinical coordinator of the unit, I assigned Eva another patient who was coming in with chest pain and syncope. Even though her night had been stressful beyond belief she took the new patient assigned without grumbling or complaining.

    Not 10 minutes after arriving on the unit, while Eva was at her bedside doing the admission charting, the patient became unresponsive and stopped breathing. Eva called the third code of the night and after a few compressions and medications the patient stabilized.

    RESULT:  If not for Eva’s actions, this visitor would not have had a chance of survival. If Eva had not accompanied them to the elevator, by the time the elderly wife, walking with a cane, had tried to summon help, the cousin would surely have expired. If she had not been at the bedside doing the admission so quickly her patient with chest pain may not have lived.

    Eva showed poise, clinical expertise and was the ultimate professional during this extremely stressful situation…

    Eva Moore RN should be highly commended for her professional expertise, rapid response and quick action that saved patients and visitor’s lives that night.


    AWARDED TO:    Landen S. Mucha
    RECOGNIZED BY: 3 East Staff

    SITUATION/TASK:  One of our nursing assistants was choking on a piece of food. Anxiety and the inability to speak had set in, when Landen arrived to pick up a patient. He quickly recognized she was in distress and acted so quickly, performing the Heimlich maneuver successfully.

    ACTION: He saved her life! He was able to dislodge the object by successfully doing the Heimlich maneuver, then took her to the ER and stayed with her until she was alright.


    RESULT: Landen’s quick actions and recognition of a crisis saved Rosa’s life.

    Dr. Limonadi & Esther Ildefonso
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Patient

    SITUATION/TASK:  Jeff was diagnosed with 6BM IV terminal brain cancer in November of 2012. He presented in coma with crushed brain stem. 

    ACTION:  Dr. Limonadi performed surgery. Esther Ildefonso, his medical assistant, has been in constant communication with Jeff’s insurance and other doctors.  Esther’s care and follow through is exceptional!  As a result of Dr. Limonadi’s and Esther’s care and compassion, I remain a 9-month survivor still going strong .  All thanks to, phone calls with me, working with insurance, and all other doctors.

    RESULT:  Because of Esther’s hard work and dedication, we have been able to get much needed studies and screenings despite having lost insurance. Also, Dr. Limonadi and Esther worked with us and the Dream Foundation to receive the great gift of a dream vacation for “terminal” patients. Dr. Limonadi and Esther are literally LIFE SAVERS.

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