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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars May 2014

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   John A. Cutrone, MD
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Patient

    SITUATION/TASK :   Breast exam follow-up, Ultrasound of right breast, consultation re: biopsy, right breast.

    ACTION:  Biopsy performed on right breast. Lymphoma of right breast discovered. Followed by a full-body PET Scan & colonoscopy. Biopsy performed on tumor during biopsy. PET scan & colonoscopy tumor biopsy showed additional, squamous cell cancer, stage 3B, metastasized. Chemo and radiation treatment followed.

    RESULT:  I am alive today due to the diligence of Dr. Cutrone. This nominee’s actions saved my life, as I would not otherwise have discovered not only one, but 2, different cancers were present, for which I was able to receive treatment and now am "clear". See attached letter below: May 21, 2014 Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage Ms. M. Codiz, Human Resources Re: Dr John Cutrone, Radiology Jackie Lee Houston Shining Star To whom it may concern: I am write this letter to nominate and acknowledge a remarkable Dr. on your staff; Dr. John Cutrone. In October of 2012, I was called-back to your facility for a 2nd mammogram and – in addition- an ultra sound. Directly after the ultra sound, Dr. Cutrone entered the imaging room to discuss his findings with me. He gently explained to me that he saw something in the imaging of my right breast which concerned him. He explained to me that he would like to order a biopsy on that area. The biopsy was performed and, a few days later, I was diagnosed with having lymphoma in my right breast. It should be noted that the lymphoma was not the typical mass which normally shows in the breast.

    If Dr. Cutrone had not suspected the “blurring” that showed in my imaging might be cancer – and then ordered a biopsy – I would have gone home thinking all was well. But, because of his exceptional integrity and devotion to his patients, my cancer was discovered. When the lymphoma in my breast was discovered, additional tests ensued; one being a full-body PET scan, the other, the biopsy of a tumor during colonoscopy, which followed. These tests indicated that, not only did I have lymphoma in my breast, but another, much more dangerous cancer existed. This cancer was stage 3B squamous cell cancer, which had metastasized. Treatment for the less dangerous lymphoma was put on-hold. Treatment and follow-up for the 3B squamous cell cancer. This journey began in November 2012 and continues to-date. I am alive… I have told my story to family, friends, medical teams, medical doctors, and strangers. I was honored to have the opportunity to thank Dr. Cutrone in-person. Now, I am telling you my story – to make you aware of Dr. Cutrone’s notable attention to detail, his professionalism, his kind and gentle demeanor. I want to make you aware that this man saved my life. Had Dr. Cutrone not been as discerning and insightful as to order the breast biopsy, the follow up PET scan would not have been performed, and my squamous cell cancer neither discovered, nor treated. I would not be alive today. Many have been involved in my cancer treatment and care. One person took the time and cared enough about ME to order the test that would save my life. That person is Dr. Cutrone, whom I nominate as the most significant & outstanding staff member at Eisenhower. I intend to nominate Dr. Cutrone every month until he achieves the award he so unquestionably and befittingly deserves.


    AWARDED TO: Cindy Jones
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Sue Evaro

    SITUATION/TASK:  Cindy took the time on a very difficult case in the ED that involved a 3 year old child with terminal cancer. He was discharged from LLMC with Hospice, but the Hospice staff/service unfortunately did not meet the intense needs of the mother. Cindy spent hours on the phone with the hospice provider in an effort to provide the services necessary for the child, so as to allow the child to die peacefully in the home. The child was discharged home from our ED and returned the following night due to seizures, and the child ended up staying the night in the ED here at EMC, prior to expiring.

    ACTION: Cindy did everything she possibly could to provide an environment for a peaceful death of this child in the home. It did not turn out that way in the end, but the effort was made and acknowledged by the mother in the ED. In a time of sadness and despair, the mother knew that someone cared enough to make multiple phone calls and coordination in an effort to assist her in this last wish. She verbalized this to Cindy in the ED, expressing her gratitude to her for all that she had done.

    RESULT:  While this was a very sad ending, the mother verbalized her appreciation of all of Cindy’s efforts in this case. She had some consolation that Cindy as well as EMC cared about her son and their unfortunate situation. Cindy showed immense compassion and caring, and I applaud her for her professionalism in this situation.


    AWARDED TO: Helene M. Carter and Catherine Davis
    RECOGNIZED BY: Susan Mills

    SITUATION/TASK:  Our jobs as nurses is very stressful....Cathy Davis has created a serenity room on our is candle light and pleasant fragrances and chiffon cloth. It is very relaxing. Helene is entrusted to identify a nurse who is obviously under a lot of stress and in need of a 5 min break in the serenity room. Helene takes that nurses phone and sets a clock for 5 min. She comes back in 5 min and the nurses goes back to work, revived.

    Action:  I was benefited by this room during my last shift. It was an amazing transition from frazzled to composed once again which is a gift of caring about me and my mental health so I applaud her initiative of creating this room for us, when we need to be cared for. For our, her staff members, mental health and well-being.

    Result:  I was able to return to my job in a cheerful state no longer stressed. Thank you for caring about me and without Helene’s expert identification of a stressed out nurse this program could not work as effectively as it does Hats off to Helene too. She saw I was stressed and had one nerve left. Thanks to both Cathy and Helene.

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