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  • Jackie Lee Houston Shining Stars December 2013

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:   Vianette Hernandez
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Mandy McDanel

    SITUATION/TASK:  In June 2013 Eisenhower took on cancer doctors to become part of EMC. This was a wonderful addition to Eisenhower. We had to develop new processes, new ways to bill certain types of claims. Not only how to bill and collect on these but how to admit them as well. Very fast we had to come up with ideas and processes to make this a smooth transition.

    ACTION:  Vianette was more than willing to become part of Eisenhower Medical Center and participate in making this transition smooth and as easy as possible for the doctors as well as EMC staff. Vianette will give me honest feedback on how we are able to work together to make processes easier and more efficient. Together we will always devise a plan, come up with suggestions and will work through a course of action.

    RESULT:  A more efficient and cohesive environment. She is always very pleasant and easy to work with making everyone involved (doctors and staff) more comfortable with daily processes that we are not missing revenue.


    AWARDED TO: Scott MaCabe & Leonard Stevens
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Lilli Mandelik

    SITUATION/TASK:  On December 18th Leo Stevens was taking the mail from the Cancer Center to the mailroom in the Probst building. He saw one of the dialysis patients get out of his car with a walker and fall in the parking lot in front of the entrance to the building. At the same time Scott McCabe was walking out of the building, saw this happen and the two of them ran to attend to this patient who was lying on the pavement and not moving. The man was injured and bleeding from the face and arm so they stayed on the ground with him, called 911 and made sure not to move him.

    ACTION:  Both Leo Stevens and Scott McCabe ran to the assistance of a person in trouble. They made sure that proper precautions were taken to ensure the safety, dignity and well-being of this injured man and his wife. They were sensitive to his comfort, his embarrassment and they made sure to shield him from traffic and others who were walking past. Both Scott and Leo did all they could to keep both the patient and his wife calm. Scott McCabe took off his suit jacket and folded it under the man’s head so that his face would not be on the asphalt. Leo Stevens called 911 and both of them stayed with this man and his wife until the paramedics came and transported the patient to the Emergency Department.

    RESULT:  Both Leo Stevens and Scott McCabe demonstrated true Courtesy and Caring with tremendous sensitivity and kindness. They made sure that this EMC customer was treated as well as possible during this unfortunate accident. They represented the hospital with grace and heart and they made a terrible experience a little bit better for this patient and his wife.

    They were not only professional but also very human, very kind and very respectful of this man and his wife. They took their time to protect this man, call the paramedics, talk with him and preserve his dignity as much as possible. One could not ask for more under the circumstances; ran to the assistance of a person in trouble. They made sure that proper precautions were taken for the safety and well-being of this injured man and they made sure that he was safe from other traffic and shielded him from others who were walking past. They gave him comfort and dignity when he was hurt, frightened and embarrassed. They took care of this man’s wife who was terrified and showed tremendous sensitivity, courtesy and caring during an unforeseen accident.


    AWARDED TO:   David Fanning
    RECOGNIZED BY:  Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK:  Our Blood Product vendor agreed to retroactive price adjustments on blood products for a 5 month period in 2012.

    ACTION: David remembered this clause in the agreement and noted that we had not been paid. We contacted the vendor, and they agreed that they owed the retroactive price adjustment.

    RESULT:  Thanks to David for bringing this issue up. Eisenhower received at check for $35,700 thanks to his diligence and follow-up.


    AWARDED TO: Roxcy Melton, Anthony Rodriguez, Kris Langlois, Jason Edmund and Donna Lindgren
    RECOGNIZED BY: Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK:   Roxcy noticed a man wandering through the lab. She asked him if she could help, and he said he was looking for his father. It was determined that his father was having a procedure in Outpatient Radiology.

    ACTION: As Roxcy was escorting the visitor into the elevator, she realized that he was behaving very oddly and asked coworkers nearby to call a code gray. She spoke to the visitor in a calm and reassuring voice as they proceeded to Outpatient Radiology. Once in the Radiology waiting room, the Radiology staff immediately recognized something was amiss. Kris Langlois and Donna Lindgren removed patients from the waiting room. Jason Edmund, Security Officer arrived on the scene. Even though Jason spoke in a calm, reassuring voice, he was forced into action when the visitor became increasingly irrational, disrobed completely, and eventually acted in a threatening manner. Jason was forced to subdue the visitor and Anthony Rodriguez, Security Officer arrived to assist.

    RESULT: Because of Roxcy, Kris, Donna, Jason and Anthony’s quick action and calm response to the visitor, no one was hurt. This potentially volatile situation was handled expertly by all involved, thereby avoiding injury to staff, patients, and the visitor.

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