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    Exercise for Life - Ballroom Dancing

    Who hasn’t dreamed of gliding across the dance floor with the grace of Fred and Ginger or the athletic energy of Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke, stars of the hit television show Dancing With The Stars? A great American pastime for decades, ballroom dancing is hotter than ever, and it is a vigorous — but gentle — way to get fit. Budding dancers are shimmying to the nearest ballrooms to try their hands (and feet!) at a variety of dance steps while reaping the many health benefits.

    Ballroom dancing can: Lower risk of coronary heart disease Decrease blood pressure Help with weight management (dancing burns 250 to 300 calories an hour) Strengthen leg and hip bones Reduce stress Increase energy Improve strength Increase muscle tone and coordination Don’t know your cha-cha from your rumba? There are many styles of ballroom dancing with speeds and skill levels appealing to novices and advanced dancers alike: the waltz, the tango, the fox-trot and the jitterbug will add sizzle to your step…and grace to your walk!

    Dancing also provides an invigorating social activity. Besides becoming reacquainted with muscles that have not been used for a while, it offers an opportunity to make new friends while improving fitness. RESOURCES



    Try a Google™ search for “Palm Springs Ballroom Dancing” for area ballrooms and dance lessons.

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