• Health Care As It Should Be

    Health care as we know it is dynamic and evolving, and at Eisenhower Medical Center, we are looking toward the future.We all recognize that needs change and new treatments and technologies emerge. But sometimes, health care institutions tend to focus on the here and now, settling for what’s practical instead of what’s possible—what’s expected, instead of what’s exceptional.

    At Eisenhower Medical Center, we are aiming higher, in the hope of transforming health care as we know it into “Health Care As It Should Be.”What does this mean? To us, it means thinking beyond traditional rules by inventing new and better ways of delivering care, breaking down barriers in communication and bureaucracy, and creating the infrastructure and environment that will best serve the health care needs of our growing community — now and into the future.

    To this end, we have embarked on several initiatives to assess and improve every aspect of our operation.We can do this by listening — encouraging feedback from you, your families, and your caregivers.We will act on what we hear, and build on our collective knowledge and experience to move beyond the good with the goal of being great.

    This is our vision of “Health Care As It Should Be.” In addition to being the new slogan for our organization, it is also a symbol of our commitment toward a healthier, happier community.We have spent months examining our strengths as an organization, with input from the community and from our own physicians and employees, and defining areas for improvement.We will do our best to create an ideal experience for every person who entrusts us with their care.

    In this issue of Healthy Living, you will learn how Eisenhower is committed to offering our community multiple options for primary care — with new locations throughout the Valley, more physicians to serve you, and program options to suit a variety of health care needs.We have recognized how the nationwide shortage of primary care physicians is affecting our community, and this is just one way we are thinking beyond the “practical” to serve you best.

    We are committed to hearing the valuable input of members of our community. If you have a comment, suggestion or idea, please E-mail us at tellus@emc.org.

    To your health!

    G. Aubrey Serfling
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Eisenhower Medical Center

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