• Majid Torabi, MD

    Helping His Patients Breathe Easy

    In the world of yoga and deep breathing, there is a common saying: a healthy mind has an easy breath. If that is true, the patients of Majid Torabi, MD have him to thank. Board Certified in Otolaryngology, Dr. Torabi has worked his craft for more than two decades. “At first, I wanted to be a liver transplant surgeon,” says Dr. Torabi. “However, I realized that the procedure was extremely complex and didn’t afford a lot of interaction with the patient. I wanted to do general surgery but I also wanted to see my patients and to develop a history with them, so I made the switch.”

    A native of Iran, Dr. Torabi came to the United States in 1989 to complete his general surgery residency at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Upon completing this residency, he joined the head and neck surgery residency with the Department of Otolaryngology at the Charles Drew/ University of California, Los Angeles Medical Education Program. He was soon off to Kentucky to set up a multi-specialty practice.

    In 2004, Dr. Torabi and his family moved to the Coachella Valley where he began practicing at his office on the campus of Eisenhower Medical Center. While he provides a variety of Ear, Nose and Throat services, more than 50 percent of his practice is focused on his specialty, rhinology, also known as sinus surgery. Dr. Torabi, Section Chief of Eisenhower’s Otolaryngology department, performs balloon sinuplasty, a less invasive, outpatient procedure for chronic sinusitis that offers faster recovery than traditional sinus surgery.

    Dr. Torabi also performs endoscopic septoplasty, which can correct a deviated or dislocated septum. “This minimally invasive procedure does not require packing in the nasal cavity which makes it more comfortable for the patient in the recovery stage because they can breathe through their nose.”

    Devoted to his family and married for 20 years, Dr. Torabi has two sons with one in college. “I really enjoy spending time with my family hiking or swimming, or playing games with my 12 year old. And when I get the chance, I love to read a good book.”

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