• President’s Message May - Jun 2005

    G. Aubrey SerflingPresident and Chief Executive OfficerEisenhower Medical Center
    G. Aubrey SerflingPresident and Chief Executive OfficerEisenhower Medical Center
    I am deeply proud and excited to share that Eisenhower Medical Center was recently named among the 100 Top Hospitals® in the nation. The rating scored the more than 6,000 health care facilities in America according to the quality of health care, operational efficiency, financial performance and adaptation to the environment, and was conducted by Solucient®, the national market leader in health care clinical benchmarking, marketing and business information.

    This special issue of Healthy Living highlights this honor from a variety of viewpoints ranging from Congresswoman Mary Bono, an ardent health care advocate, to Harry M. Goldstein, Eisenhower’s Chairman of the Board, to Louise White, Eisenhower’s Chief Nursing Officer. Each shares personal thoughts, a fresh, professional perspective, and their unique dreams for Eisenhower Medical Center.

    While Eisenhower’s focus has remained “excellence,” it was just one year ago that the Board of Directors approved the new mission for Eisenhower – to serve mankind with a selfless passion for excellence in patient care, research and education. I am always aware that we are an intensively mission-driven organization, with focused vision and commitments. Our values are about excellence – the highest, the best, the brightest, but it is our hearts that move us to still higher heights. Eisenhower is clearly fueled by a passion to excel, and we will not be satisfied until every single patient experiences “ideal patient care.” And…it is possible.

    Attaining this excellence, however, has not been possible without the extraordinary physicians, nurses, technicians, staff and volunteers that every day give their all to Eisenhower. I honor their commitment and dedication. I daily respect their thoughtful, giving ways, that, I know, each day, change lives.

    In this issue of Healthy Living, Eisenhower is pleased to acknowledge all of the remarkable and forward-thinking people who have, through their exceptional generosity, supported Eisenhower Medical Center’s Campaign Eisenhower. Their vision helps create Eisenhower’s future, a future of clinical prowess and technological wonder, a future that truly is awe-inspiring! Thank you for envisioning world-class health care for this community and supporting Eisenhower Medical Center.

    Please enjoy this Healthy Living! Be well, and know that we are here for you.

    Yours in good health,


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