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  • Shining Stars January 2012

    This program rewards individuals that go above and beyond their job responsibilities in exemplifying one of the five supporting commitments. These commitments are Safety, Clinical Excellence, Courtesy & Caring, Healing Environment and Efficiency.


    AWARDED TO:  Spencer Bachus & Jeremy Berecek  
    RECOGNIZED BY: Laura Mohlenhoff

    SITUATION/TASK: A fire alarm was called in the Dolores Hope building and smoke was filtering into the lab. As we were evacuating the building, one of our employees who has difficulty walking was struggling to get down the stairs. At this time we did not know what was on fire, or how bad it was.

    ACTION:   Jeremy and Spencer quickly and calmly carried the employee in a fireman's carry down two flights of stairs to safety.

    RESULT: I am happy to say that the emergency was soon under control. An exhaust fan had overheated on the floor above the lab. Not only did Jeremy and Spencer come to a teammate's aid and quickly bring her to safety, they did so in a calm, efficient manner, without fanfare. Their quick action could have been life-saving in more difficult circumstances.


    AWARDED TO:   Eric Gonzalez
    RECOGNIZED BY: Scott McCabe

    SITUATION/TASK:   A patient came in for an MRI brain scan and indicated that he may have had shrapnel in his body from childhood. He stated that he was sure it was removed 50 or more years ago and that it wasn't a problem. He stated that he had other scans without incident.

    ACTION:  Eric was concerned that metal could still be in his body. An MRI is very dangerous for patients with ferrous metal or pacemakers, and these patients should not be scanned by MRI. Eric took the time to review all of the patient’s scans before starting the exam. It turned out the patient had never had an MRI, and a previous CT head scan revealed a metal fragment in his brain. Eric contacted the Radiologist and the ordering physician, and the patient's MRI exam was cancelled. Instead, we performed a CT brain scan which was safe for this patient. 

    RESULT:  All MRI patients are asked multiple times if they have any metal in their bodies before they get to the technologist, so situations like this one are uncommon. However, Eric showed great diligence in interviewing the patient and taking extra time to research the patient's history. His commitment to safety and proper clinical procedure saved this patient from a potentially dangerous procedure. Many thanks to Eric for his excellent work.


    AWARDED TO:  Ann Mostofi
    RECOGNIZED BY: Rewards and Recognition Committee
    SITUATION/TASK: There are many situations to nominate Ann for; this particular situation lifted the spirits of many employees during a time that it is much needed. Ann volunteered to attend all three holiday meals (mid-day, late afternoon, and late evening) to meet and celebrate the holidays with the staff.

    ACTION: Not only did she do so with a gracious smile and a warm kindness, she rounded various departments to personally thank and invite employees to enjoy the holiday meal celebration.

    RESULT: Because of Ann's active participation in the employee celebration more employees came and enjoyed what was meant for them. The Employees felt honored by her involvement in the celebration and were very appreciative of the entire event. The Rewards and Recognition Team would like to thank Ann for her dedication to the entire staff at EMC and truly making this years Holiday Celebration one to never be forgotten.


    AWARDED TO:   Aaron Green
    RECOGNIZED BY:  David Renker
    SITUATION/TASK: Nomination letter from Michael Landes: Shining Star.  Without Aaron Green, the Walk It sign ups would have been a disaster. Humana sent people to set up and register without any training on the equipment. By overcoming the Humana issues Aaron paved the way for 500 EMC employees to register and start walking for the EMC fund-raising event.

    ACTION: Nomination letter from David Renker: Hello Aaron, I just left the registration area and took the second laptop off line and will take it with me and bring back first thing in the morning. We still have the main one up and we are down to a small number of associates trickling in now to register as of 7pm. Thank you a Million Times for all of your IT support today with our laptop issues and on line support from Humana. They admitted they were woefully understaffed and should have had Humana support for us. We couldn’t have done it without you and I Really appreciate it! I will be in early and when you get there if you could help me set up the second laptop that would be a big help. Thanks again. David


    AWARDED TO:   Jessica Barnette, Blanca Granillo and Sandra Rundle-Stack
    RECOGNIZED BY: Lilli Mandelik

    SITUATION/TASK:  On Sunday, January 15, 2012 one of the medical transporters for the infusion center came to pick up a patient about 20 minutes before the patient was ready to go home. The transporter seemed fine. Jessica Barnett, RN went out to assist a patient to the parking lot and found the Transporter doubled over hanging on to the men’s bathroom door. She went to get Sandy Rundell-Stack, RN and they went into the men’s room and found his glasses on the bathroom floor. They split up, one to the front and one to the back door. Sandy found him lying on the bench outside the back door. He was diaphoretic, agitated and was not aware of where he was or who the nurses were. Blanca Granillo, CAN was instructed to call 911. Jessica went in and got the blood pressure monitor. The employee was too agitated to have his blood pressure taken and became combative. The nurses stayed with him and monitored his pulse and respirations until the paramedics arrived. They protected him from falling and harming himself and made sure he maintained an open airway and pulse. Blanca called the employee’s supervisor to let him know what had happened and reported that he had been taken to the emergency room. The Transporter spent over a week in the ICU after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage. His wife visited the Infusion Center to personally thank Sandy, Jessica and Blanca for saving her husband’s life.

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