Eisenhower welcomes Canadians! Whether we want to admit it or not, health concerns do happen...even on vacation. While most international visitors have travel or other insurance to cover emergency conditions, there are other health care needs that some visitors like to address even if their insurance won't cover it. These non-emergency, elective procedures can be handled on a cash pay basis at Eisenhower Medical Center. (You should always contact your insurance carrier to determine if you will be reimbursed for any cash pay procedure.)

Cash pricing is available to all international travelers for many procedures. Whether you would like an intermediate care physician or are considering an orthopedic joint replacement or cardiac surgery, we offer cash pricing for a host of services, including surgeries, outpatient imaging and procedures as well as urgent care. These prices are packaged to include all costs, including physician cost, with length of stay in the hospital factored in for appropriate procedures. Registration is required.

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For more information about a specific procedure or to find a family doctor that is right for you, call 1-855-EMCCANADA (1-855-362-2262).

Whether you need a family doctor or specialist, chances are Eisenhower Medical Center has just the person you're looking for to address your health care needs. Our physicians and health care professionals are leaders in areas such as cancer, orthopedics, cardiology, neuroscience, sleep medicine, rehabilitation medicine and bariatric surgery. In addition to our 476-bed inpatient hospital, Eisenhower also has outpatient health centers located throughout the Coachella Valley. Our medical services are supported by complete radiology and imaging services.

Eisenhower Primary Care 365
Having a family doctor (or intermediate care doctor) while you are in town is highly recommended.
In addition to traditional primary care physician services, Eisenhower is also proud to offer Eisenhower Primary Care 365. This program is a medical practice dedicated to continuous communication with our patients. For a modest annual fee, our physicians and care team are available to serve the needs of our patients 365 days a year. Communication between patients and physicians occurs through face-to-face visits in the office, and from your home via a secure online program or by telephone. Whether you choose Eisenhower Primary Care 365 or traditional primary care, cash pricing is the same for your office visit and follow up visit. The annual fee associated with Eisenhower Primary Care 365 provides ongoing communication with your physician 365 days a year — even when you've returned home!

Eisenhower Executive Physical Program
Invest in a Lifetime of Good Health.
This preventive medicine program is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive health evaluation, tailored to meet your individualized health needs. We build a carefully planned, custom schedule centered around your health concerns that includes:

  • A comprehensive review of your medical history.
  • A full range of preventive screening tests for early detection of various disease states.
  • A comprehensive report of your results offering recommendations for bettering your health and wellness.
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